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Design your dream home with an attractive kitchen splashback that fits your requirements exactly!

 We offer numerous options for your splashback: from exclusive natural stone to elegant glass to luminous interchangeable frames. Create a kitchen that expresses your personal living style in no time at all. This guide to materials, their advantages and special features will help you make the right choice.

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Which splashback matches my kitchen?

Kitchen splashbacks should be both easy to clean and attractive. Below you will find suggestions to help you find the right material for your needs. The focus here is on appearance, maintenance, wear and tear and price range.

1. The optics

Whether you want a modern kitchen splashback,  a classic or custom splashback,  Lechner offers you everything you need to turn your dream into reality!

Naturally created unique specimens

Natural stone is a material like no other. Created over millions of years, natural stone as a splashback brings a unique work of art to your kitchen.

Different colours

If you are looking for a material that lets you choose from several colours with uniform designs and structure gradients, we can heartily recommend:

  • quartz stone
  • Dekton
  • laminate
  • and Brilliant line.

 From a modern concrete look to granite, high-gloss and matt designs, you will find a unique variety here. Your kitchen upstands or splashback will perfectly complement your living style.

Glass splashbacks with custom motifs

A custom splashback made of robust glassmeets the most discerning demands and can be completely customised. Even your favourite photo from your last holiday can serve as a motif! Glass also matches all worktops and therefore offers plenty of combination options in satin and gloss.

By the way, our customer service team can measure up for your worktop and splashback in the same appointment and can also install a material mix.

Extra tip: Changeable motifs thanks to Switchy

Our Switchy illuminated interchangeable frame is a real eye-catcher! As a splashback, Switchy illuminates the work surface and can also visually brighten the kitchen. Here's the clever part: you can change the motif yourself in no time at all and thus ensure variation time and again.

Matching the style of your kitchen to the rest of your home

Kitchen splashbacks should not only be attractive in their own right. They also have the task of skilfully accentuating the feeling of space.

If you value naturalness and want to express this through your furnishings, natural stone is the ideal option. Alternatively, quartz stone with a natural design has a very grounding effect. Glass in a frosted finish, combined with solid wood worktops, is also perfect for a modern but natural style.

Trendy furnishing styles from elegant to minimalist can be perfectly complemented by our splashbacks. In this context, we particularly recommend

  • quartz stone
  • Dekton
  • ceramics
  • Compact
  • glass
  • and Brilliant line

in plain-coloured designs or a concrete look.

2. Maintenance requirements

When choosing your splashback, consider whether the design and ease of care important factors? Then we recommend back panels made of laminate, Dekton or ceramics as an easy-to-clean splashback. Glass in particular scores points for being very easy to clean.

By the way, with seamless materials, a kitchen splashback tiles can be covered up with a more hygienic alternative. While a tiled splashback traps more dirt due to the rough joints, soiling can be removed effortlessly from glass, quartz stone or our Brilliant line.

Sensitivity to stains and acids?

You will enjoy the greatest possible protection against stains if you choose a non-porous material. This is true for many of our materials. For example, whether glass, laminate and Compact  – you will find impervious options in every price range. Dekton is even completely stain resistant.

Protection against fingerprints

Especially in areas subject to heavy use, you want surfaces on which fingers do not leave marks. In this case, our Compact kitchen splashbacks in matt Velvet finishes are the perfect choice. These a have a special anti-fingerprint structure that makes unpleasant fingerprints a thing of the past.

How often does the material need to be maintained?

The majority of our materials do not require any additional maintenance. The only exception to this is natural stone. This material comes to your home with a waterproof coating and this must be occasionally refreshed. However, the effort required to care for your splashback is limited to once or twice a year and is therefore manageable.

3. Wear and tear

Instead of the classic tiled splashback, you would no doubt prefer an alternative splashback that does not lose its beauty even when your kitchen is in heavy use. Although they tend to be very well protected because of their positioning,

  • quartz stone
  • glass
  • Compact
  • Dekton
  • and natural stone

are especially durable. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the individual care instructions, because not every material tolerates aggressive cleaning agents equally well.

Heat resistance

Heat resistance often plays a less important role for kitchen splashbacks, as they are do not come into contact with pots and pans. In one scenario, however, a heat resistant kitchen splashback may be is highly significant – if it will be installed behind a gas hob. In this case, our robust and high-quality toughened safety glass, as well as highly heat-resistant Dekton, are a safe choice.

However, you should not install laminateCompact, Switchy and Brilliant line behind gas hobs.

4. The price range

Our products are available in a wide range of different price classes. Quality is always the focus, even if you choose a material from the lower price segment. Price-conscious alternatives include laminate and Brilliant line, for example. For exclusive buyers, on the other hand, Dekton, natural stone or ceramics come into question. With these, you also get a product that is absolutely in the premier league in terms of appearance and use.

Please note that pricing is the responsibility of the retailer. The examples given are therefore only recommendations and trends.

Wall panel, upstand and splashback: what are the differences?

The terms wall panel, upstand and splashback are often used synonymously. This is because there are only minor differences between them. Nevertheless, an additional look at suitable materials depending on the intended use is recommended here as well.


An upstand is usually shorter than a complete kitchen splashback. It is intended to provide more protection against stains in areas exposed to heavy soiling. Glass has proved its worth in this respect. You can use this material behind the hob without any problems, and it is also easy to wipe clean. Its inexpensive counterpart, acrylic glass, is not suitable for hot areas, but can act as an upstand behind the sink.

Wall panels and kitchen splashbacks

These two categories are basically the same thing. They protect the kitchen walls over a larger area from dirt, damage, metal abrasion and moisture. In addition, they create beautiful accents and are therefore well suited as a stylish interior design element.

All the materials we have presented to you in this guide can be used as wall panels and  splashbacks. Consequently, whether you opt for a matching worktop and splashback and thus a uniform look or a creative combination of materials and colours – the choice is yours!

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