Brilliant line

Acrylic splashbacks are low weight products that can be machined on site, they’re an elegant alternative for your kitchen backwall.


Brilliant line acrylic kitchen splashbacks

No glass and still exclusive! Brilliant line acrylic glass is  an lightweight alternative to real glass. These panels convince with a high-quality look and can even be reworked on site. With the help of our attractive designs, you can transform a practical back wall into a stylish, eye-catching highlight.

  • Choose a model to suit your taste in an elegant glossy glass look or a discreet matt finish.
  • The material of the Brilliant line collection can also be reworked on site to complement your kitchen perfectly, even without elaborate planning in advance.
  • Due to the easy processing of the material, the construction site can be completed directly and you can move into your new dream kitchen even faster.
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Benefits of acrylic glass

Looking stylish isn’t its only feature:

Adjustable on site

Adjustable on site

easily reworkable without special tools – for a perfect fit.

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistant

acrylic glass is non-porous and therefore does not absorb moisture – ideal as a splash guard behind the sink!

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

a smooth, non-porous surface means it is easy to clean with everyday cleaning products.

Glossy or matt

Glossy or matt

all Brilliant line designs are available in a matt or glossy finish. This lets you underline your personal furnishing style.

Light resistant

Light resistant

as an alternative to kitchen splashback tiles, it does not discolour, even near windows. Your chosen colours will remain intense and beautiful for the long term.

Low weight

Low weight

Brilliant line splashbacks are ideal for self-assembly – acrylic splashback panels are lightweight and easy to handle.

Acrylic splashback designs

Choose from matt and high gloss acrylic splashbacks. This visually appealing alternative to glass is available in many atmospheric shades ranging from deep black to silky, delicate green.

Brilliant line glossy
Brilliant line matt


Configure your dream kitchen

Configure your dream kitchen with a Brilliant line back panel. Playfully find the right Brilliant line decor for your personal living style.


What is the maximum size of a Brilliant line splashback?

The maximum size of our Brilliant line splashback is 2750x1250 mm.

Can I adjust my Brilliant line splashback afterwards?

Our Brilliant line splashbacks are lightweight, easy to assemble and can be finished on site.

What material is a Brilliant line splashback made of?

In visual terms, Brilliant line is a good alternative to glass. The material is acrylic-based.

Is a Brilliant line splashback sufficiently heat resistant for use in the kitchen?

Our Brilliant line acrylic splashbacks are sufficiently temperature resistant and should be planned with a minimum distance of 5cm between the splashback and the hob. Brilliant line splashbacks are not suitable for use behind gas hobs – instead, see our glass splashbacks.

How is the Brilliant line splashback connected to the worktop?

Brilliant line is connected to the worktop via a silicone joint. This prevents dirt and moisture from getting between the worktop and the rear wall.

Can Brilliant line splashbacks cover up old tiles?

Yes, Brilliant line by Lechner is opaque and therefore does not let the substrate show through.

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Care instructions

Proper maintenance and cleaning of Brilliant line splashbacks

Acrylic glass offers you numerous advantages in terms of handling, ease of care and appearance. It will give your kitchen an attractive look and can even cover up an old, tiled splashback. Regular cleaning is also pleasantly straightforward.

Nevertheless, you can additionally enhance the visual beauty of your back wall by following a few tips.

Therefore, please pay attention to the following:

  • Do not place hot pans, pots and other heat sources directly against your acrylic splashback. This could damage and deform the material.
  • When cleaning, do not use abrasive or aggressive agents containing alcohol, chlorine, acetone or benzene.
  • Also refrain from using pointed or sharp-edged tools.
  • Liquids should not be left on the surface for a prolonged period. A Brilliant line splashback is moisture resistant, however, prolonged exposure to acidic or strongly staining liquids could degrade its appearance.
  • Avoid strong impacts with hard, sharp or angular objects – Pan rims, knife blades and other kitchen utensils may leave visible marks.

Behind the hob: acrylic or glass?

If you are faced with the choice of whether your kitchen splashback should be made of acrylic or glass, the hob type is a factor to consider. It is important to bear in mind that the Brilliant line series is not suitable for areas behind gas hobs. These produce a lot of heat, which could deform the material. With conventional hobs, a minimum distance of five centimetres is sufficient to protect the acrylic glass.

Nevertheless, we mainly recommend real glass for the cooking area, while acrylic is highly suitable as splash protection (e.g., behind the sink).

Cleaning your Brilliant line splashback: important information

For regular cleaning of your splashback, it is sufficient to use a soft, lint-free cloth and lukewarm water. Light soiling can be removed in no time at all. Stubborn stains or splashes are best removed with the help of suitable agents, such as mild soap or acrylic glass cleaner.

If dirt cannot be removed at the first attempt, do not leave the cleaner on the surface. In this case, it is better to treat the surface in several stages. It is best to wipe off splashes and soiling as soon as possible – this prevents them from drying and makes cleaning much easier.


The elegant kitchen backsplash for craftsmen

The 4 mm thick lightweight panels are visually reminiscent of glossy or matt glass back panels. However, unlike glass, the back panels can be reworked on site during installation and are therefore suitable for any craftsman who wants to lend a hand himself.

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