Ceramic innovations: an exclusive and robust natural material is making its way into the modern kitchen.


Ceramic wall panel splashbacks

Rough, realistic, robust – a ceramic splashback from Lechner meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The porcelain ceramic surface looks very realistic and also benefits from scratch and abrasion resistance. Due to its non-porous structure, this premium material does not absorb moisture. Stains and splashes that find their way onto the splashback during cooking can be removed in a few easy steps.

  • Ceramic tiles are fired at high temperatures under great pressure and thus obtain their extreme durability.
  • The non-porous and seamless surface does not absorb any liquids. Even hot steam from cooking pots cannot damage these splashbacks!
  • Due to its natural look, a ceramic wall panel is an elegant, eye-catching highlight in any kitchen.

Ceramic splashback properties

The high-quality Lechner ceramic wall panel splashbacks are characterised by the following material properties:

Exclusive surface feel

Exclusive surface feel

with their robust surface and modern design, these splashbacks convey a feeling of authenticity and safety.

Temperature resistant

Temperature resistant

ceramic splashbacks can definitely withstand the heat – they can even be used behind gas hobs.



our wall panels offer a lifetime of enjoyment with normal use.

Acid resistant

Acid resistant

the panels are impervious to acids such as cleaning agents and citric acid.

Light resistant

Light resistant

your stylish kitchen splashback will still look as beautiful as ever even after many years.

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistant

this non-porous material does not absorb aqueous liquids. This makes it particularly easy to maintain.


Our large selection of colours and designs makes planning your kitchen a pleasure. Whether you prefer a metallic industrial style, elegant panels with natural slate and marble textures or a classic concrete effect splashback or stone effect splashback– with Lechner you can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Ceramic decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a ceramic worktop or splashback. Playfully find the right ceramic decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a ceramic splashback?

The quality and properties of ceramics, porcelain and high-quality stoneware are familiar to everyone. Like glass, this material is a fundamental part of everyday life. The creation of ceramics is one of the oldest cultural technologies on earth.

Silicate raw materials such as clay, kaolin, clay minerals as well as quartz and feldspar are fused together in a firing process. The resulting materials made are therefore subject to natural variations in colour and structure.

Ceramics are hygienic, easy to clean and versatile. For exactly these reasons, tiles are used in countless variations in both private and public areas. The advantage of a ceramic splashback is that there are no annoying joints when cleaning. The various ceramic surfaces are non-porous, which means that bacteria, fungi and mould pathogens cannot penetrate them. The extraordinary durability of these kitchen worktops is the result of the pressing process during production, the selected raw materials and the high temperatures during firing of the material.

Ceramics are made from natural raw materials and can therefore be recycled without any problems. Furthermore, they do not release any harmful substances during production, use or recycling.

What is the difference between ceramics and Dekton?

Ceramics look particularly natural due to their rougher surface and thus closely resemble their stone or concrete counterparts. Dekton, on the other hand, has a smoother and silky matt surface. An unusual metal look with a shimmering design is also possible with ceramics. While the different ceramic designs result from the material composition in the solid material, with Dekton the design is printed onto the panel.

Why should I choose a ceramic splashback over a ceramic tile splashback?

The advantage of a ceramic splashback over the conventional ceramic tile splashback is that there are no joints anywhere on the surface. Joints between individual tiles allow the accumulation of dirt, bacteria and hazardous mould pathogens. With ceramic wall panels,  these worries are a thing of the past. At the same time, the non-porous surface of our ceramic splashbacks is impervious to liquids, making these products particularly easy to clean.

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Maintaining and cleaning ceramic wall panels

Our panels are extremely robust and scratch resistant. As the surface is non-porous and hygienic, liquids containing water and grease have no chance of penetrating the material. Compared to a ceramic tile splashback, a full-surface ceramic tile splashback  has no joints and is therefore easy to clean.

To ensure that your kitchen splashback gives looks its best for a long time to come, you should observe the following when using and cleaning it:

  • Ceramic splashbacks are water resistant and impervious to moisture. We recommend removing strongly staining or greasy liquids that land on the surface during cooking and frying as soon as possible, especially in the case of white designs.
  • A microfibre cloth and water are sufficient for cleaning. You can also use a household cleaner such as vinegar, soapy water or glass cleaner.
  • Ceramic splashbacks are acid resistant, however you should refrain from using strongly abrasive or acidic cleaners to avoid any changes to the surface.

Important: Never clean a ceramic panel with strongly abrasive or scratching tools, such as a metal ceramic hob scraper or a stainless steel scourer! This could change the gloss level of the surface.

Daily cleaning of ceramic panels

Ceramics are manufactured at high temperatures and under high pressure. This gives  Lechner ceramic tile splashbacks  their extreme robustness. Greases, oils and liquids cannot penetrate this non-porous material, which ensures particularly easy cleaning.

To keep the surface clean, it is sufficient to wipe it with a damp cloth every day. You can then dry the splashback with a microfibre cloth. If water is not sufficient, commercially available household cleaners can be used if necessary. Strongly alkaline (PH value ≥ 9) and abrasive agents are not recommended.

Caution: Strongly acidic and alkaline cleaning agents are unsuitable for ceramic splashbacks!

Removing stubborn stains and deposits from ceramic wall panels

Stubborn deposits and stains can be removed with vinegar-based household cleaning products and a soft sponge. You can remove dried food residues with a wooden or plastic scraper. The use of a metal scraper or stainless steel spiral is not advisable, as these could alter the surface of your splashback.


The properties of ceramics in the video

Ceramics are made up of natural components that are fired under high heat to create a high-end material. A great deal of know-how and sensitivity is needed to produce and process the valuable ceramic worktops. So it's good that Lechner works with strong partners like Infinity. This is how we ensure that you get the perfect ceramic worktop!

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