Compact worktops are extremely durable and a real treat for the eye, capturing the modern zeitgeist in a number of ways.


Compact laminatesplashbacks

Beautiful and strong! Compact is not only a low-maintenance all-rounder. The melamine-bonded high-pressure laminate also scores thanks to its stylish appearance. Whether you choose a uniform combination of splashback and worktop or a sophisticated colour contrast – design your kitchen splashback to match your living style and choose from a variety of high-quality designs.

  • Our Compact splashbacks are waterproof, UV resistant and impact resistant. Your dream kitchen will therefore remain glamorous for years to come!
  • Compact is available as velvety matt surfaces in black and white. We also offer designs in authentic wood, stainless steel and stone looks.
  • Cleaning your kitchen splashback is a breeze – low maintenance and non-porous, Compact virtually takes care of itself.

Properties at a glance

From the texture to the feel – Compact offers numerous advantages. Get to know this coveted material:

Uniform texture

Uniform texture

Compact has a reliable colour and texture gradient. For a predictable look without compromise.



liquid mishap? No problem! Compact can withstand damp rooms and prolonged contact with water.



the colour of your splashback will remain consistently intense – even when exposed to daylight near windows.

Soft feel

Soft feel

Our Velvet designs are matt roughened and feel pleasantly soft to the touch. Outstanding look and feel!

Anti-fingerprint finish

Anti-fingerprint finish

especially on our Velvet designs, fingers do not leave unsightly marks. This helps to ensure a neat and tidy appearance.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

You can clean a Compact laminate splashback in no time at all with commercially available cleaning agents. The material does not attract dirt.


Experience our huge range of Compact designs. Natural stone and wood create a grounding atmosphere, while concrete and stainless steel look modern and elegant. For simple and minimalist effects, design a matt black splashback or choose a matt white splashback.

Compact unique
Compact motif decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a worktop or back panel in Compact. Playfully find the right Compact decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a Compact kitchen worktop?

To create the core of our Compact matt splashbacks, several cellulose sheets are impregnated with high-quality curable resins and pressed together under high pressure. This solid core board made of melamine resin-bonded high-pressure laminate, with its water-resistant and bend-proof carrier, is both sturdy and durable. 

Compact is therefore perfect for kitchen worktops. The dark core of the worktop deliberately remains visible and brings elegance and high-quality design to your kitchen (except for the design 893 Velvet white and 896 Evenly white, which have a white core). Our Compact laminate worktops are available with realistic motif or with a unique surface finish in the Compact unique collection. 

Both series have the aforementioned Compact core and differ only in terms of the surface finish. The worktops feature a high-quality laminate coating in many contemporary designs, while the Compact unique collection comes in either a robust, stainless steel look or a velvety soft and matt surface.

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Care instructions

Proper maintenance and cleaning of Compact splashbacks

A splashback made of easy-care and at the same time attractive Compact gives you the freedom to enjoy your kitchen to the full. Splashes of sauce and dirt of all kinds can be removed from the surface in just a few easy steps. And in addition to easy cleaning, your Compact splashback will also remain oblivious to the influence of moisture, light and accidental impacts.

By the way: a Velvet black splashback or a white splashback combines a matt finish with a velvety feel. This brings a particularly exclusive flair to your kitchen. The Velvet collection is more scratch resistant than comparable competing products, such as Fenix, but benefits from careful handling.

As far as the care and cleaning of your Compact laminate splashback is concerned, we have prepared the most important tips for you. Here, too, it quickly becomes clear that a clean, stylish and classy kitchen does not need to be an exhausting proposition!

Cleaning a Compact matt splashback

Cleanliness is not a complicated matter with this material. All you need for daily cleaning is a soft sponge and some lukewarm water. Simple soiling then disappears with a "wipe".

For more stubborn dirt, use

  • glass cleaner,
  • mild vinegar-based or citrus cleaner,
  • special kitchen cleaner
  • or soapy water.

To prevent streaks from affecting the result after cleaning, dry your splashback with a microfibre cloth. In this way, you will also prevent limescale stains.

You can remove particularly stubborn stains with

  • a mix of detergent and water
  • or liquid cleaner and ultra-fine polishing chalk.

You can also leave these products on the surface overnight to remove coffee or tea stains. White spirit can be used to remove grease stains.

This will provide additional protection for your laminate splashback.

In addition to the proper cleaning, below you will find some extra tips to help keep the surface looking its best:

  • If there is water lying directly on the butt joints, absorb it immediately with a cloth.
  • When cleaning, avoid aggressive cleaners containing chlorine, salts and acids.
  • We do not recommend using wax or grease-based products, as these can leave a dirt-binding layer on the surface and thus cause unsightly stains.
  • Treat stubborn stains gently with the above-mentioned agents and a soft nylon brush. Pointed or sharp objects, abrasive agents and pot cleaners are unsuitable.

If you follow these tips you will protect your matt splashback in the best possible way. In return, this robust and low-maintenance material will reward you with additional longevity.


Thermal repair of FENIX® surfaces

Superficial micro-scratches on FENIX® surfaces from the Velvet series can be removed very easily.

FENIX General Maintenance