Individual, versatile and robust. Glass is modern, trendy and among the most elegant materials for your kitchen.


Glass splashbacks

Think glass is drab and fragile? Far from it! A glass kitchen backsplash adds a unique and easy-to-clean highlight to your kitchen. You can design your personal wall covering entirely according to your wishes: from plain glass to stylish motifs to your favourite photo, feel free to express your individual furnishing style.

Advantages of a glass kitchen backsplash 

  • Create a work of art for your kitchen. We can add your favourite colour or your desired motif to a glass panel, in accordance with your ideas – whether it's a holiday photo or a stylish graphic.
  • All our glass back walls are temperature resistant. This means that they can be placed behind the cooker without any problems. Even with gas hobs!
  • A glass panel splashback is easy to clean and will remain an attractive highlight for many years.

Properties at a glance

Splashbacks influence the atmosphere in the entire kitchen. However, glass not only creates a contemporary look, but also offers many other advantages:

Individual design

Individual design

design a unique splashback in your desired colour, motif or choose a motif from the Adobe image database.

Large selection

Large selection

in addition to our contemporary Lechner motifs and selected range of solid-colour designs, many design variants (e.g. gloss, satin or Liosa designer satin) are available.



optionally, the splashback can transform into a magnetic notice board so you can always keep important notes and recipes in view.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

glass is more hygienic than the typical tile splashback. There are no joints, and therefore gives dirt no opportunity to settle. Glass can be cleaned in no time and does not absorb odours.



with normal use, your glass splashback will give you at least 15 years of reliable service.



Light and UV rays do not affect the high-quality back wall. It retains its elegant appearance over the long term.

Designs and Colours

Glass stands for modern and individual furnishing with limitless possibilities. Design your own printed glass splashback, with a snapshot from your last holiday or in a plain look in your favourite colour.

Natures & Places


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a glass worktop or back panel. Playfully find the right glass decor for your individual living style.


What images can I have printed on the glass?

In addition to existing motifs from our Lechner glass designs or the online provider Adobe Stock, you can also select other online sources or your own images as your desired motif. Please refer to these instructions to find out exactly how this works. In addition, we can also find your desired colour using all available RAL, NCS and Sikkens scales.

Do I have to buy the image from Adobe Stock myself?

No, a separate purchase is not necessary for standard motifs. Instead, please inform the specialist retailer of your choice. The original file is then acquired by us in the correct resolution and elaborated. Premium content must be purchased independently (from your retailer).

What image format should I choose on Adobe Stock for printing on a large glass plate?

To achieve the best possible print result, we recommend selecting the motif option "Panoramic image" from a size of 1200 x 500 mm.

Are the panels sufficiently heat resistant for use in the kitchen?

Our glass panels are extremely temperature resistant and suitable for use in the kitchen. They can also be placed behind gas hobs without any problems. A minimum distance of 5 cm must be maintained between the gas hob and the glass back wall.

Can the glass cover up old tiles or wallpaper?

Yes, Lechner glass splashbacks are sealed with a special barrier layer on the back. This prevents the background from showing through and brings out the colour of the design. 

Is the design continuous for multi-panel glass rear walls?

Yes, a continuous design can be implemented for multi-panel glass rear walls (even around corners). Our media designers ensure that the cut-out and continuation of the design correspond to your wishes.

What resolution must the image have? At what resolution are the images printed?

If you obtain your desired motif from online sources other than Adobe Stock or wish to use your own (holiday) photos for printing, please ensure that you choose an image format with at least 150 dpi. You can find precise information on the correct image resolution here

Is the image quality checked before printing?

All print data provided to us is checked for suitability by our in-house graphics department before printing. If the data is not suitable for printing, you will be contacted before implementation to find a solution for your desired motif. You can carry out an initial check using the information in our table.

Can very dark or images with enhanced colours be printed?

The quality of the image is crucial. We therefore advise you not to print very dark and heavily processed images or images that are extremely blurry. However, we are happy to check this data and process it if suitable. If the data is not suitable for printing, you will be contacted before implementation to find a solution for your desired motif.

Can I also have metallic or neon colours printed?

No, unfortunately individual metallic or neon colours cannot be printed. Possible designs in a metallic look are 148 Copper, 149 Brass and 152 Silver.

Can backgrounds of existing Lechner glass motif decors be modified?

The backgrounds cannot be changed - not even in terms of color. However, the section of the motif and individual elements within a motif can be adjusted depending on the image. Please contact your dealer for this. You can find an overview of our retail partners in your area here.

Is the image data colour accurate?

As each monitor is usually calibrated differently, the view on your screen is not colour accurate. The actual print may therefore show slight deviations. However, you can receive a sample print upon request.

What is the maximum size of a glass splashbackl?

The maximum size for glass back wall in a gloss finish is 3500x1280 mm.

In the Satin and Liosa versions, the maximum size is 3080x1280 mm.

How is it joined to the worktop?

They are joined to the worktop via a silicone joint. This prevents dirt and moisture from getting trapped between the worktop and the glass back wall.

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An overview of our decors including a scale for better planning is available in our glass motif brochure.
Care instructions

Proper care and cleaning of the glass splashback in your kitchen

Printed or plain, glass, always creates a fascinating and elegant effect. Apart from its visual finesse, however, this material has a practical benefit that should not be underestimated: glass kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean and therefore leave classic tiled splashbacks “for dust”.

To ensure that on your design is remains clearly recognisable, the motifs are sealed with a protective barrier layer. Unlike a tiled splashback, a back wall has no joints in which dirt and mould can accumulate. The surface is also non-porous, which is why splashes or other stains leave no unsightly traces. A maintenance joint between the back wall and the worktop ensures protection and cleanliness.

Cleaning glossy glass

If you have opted for a glossy type glass, you can clean it easily with sponges, soft cloths or standard dishcloths. Ordinary glass cleaner is suitable as a cleaning agent.

Important! Do not use highly corrosive agents or substances on the glass, as they could attack the surface. These substances should always be removed quickly and with plenty of water.

Cleaning frosted glass

If your glass panels have a matt or satin finish, we recommend using an eraser sponge for regular cleaning. Thanks to its special mode of operation, you can remove even fine splashes of sauce and drops of fat without leaving a trace.  A household glass cleaner or mild degreaser can be used to remove grease marks or residues.

Important! We strongly advise against treating frosted glass with cleaners containing silicone or acid. This could detract from the appearance of your splashback.

The right position

Whether you have a custom glass splashback, frosted with a pattern, or plain and glossy is entirely down to your personal taste. You are also free to decide on the installation location. So you can either cover the entire back wall of your kitchen or, alternatively, accentuate specific areas with an eye-catching highlight.

Want to install a niche back wall as a splash guard behind the cooker? No problem! Even behind a gas hob, our temperature-resistant toughened safety glass (ESG) remains intact. A minimum distance of five centimetres is sufficient.

If you have an old tile splashback or wallpaper, there is no need to remove it first. Our glass is equipped with a special barrier layer and are opaque. Thanks to this layer, colours and motifs shine a little brighter.


Glass worktops in the everyday test

Glass is individual and robust. We show the properties of the Satin+ surface in our small everyday test.

Glasarbeitsplatten - individuell & robust