Natural stone

The fascinating appeal of natural stone – beautiful and low maintenance, these unique pieces make dream kitchens a reality.


Stone splashbacks

How about a backdrop for your kitchen for which Mother Nature was the artist? Formed naturally, stone has a particularly elegant appearance. With a stone kitchen splashback, you will therefore be surrounded by pure luxury every day. This durable and hard-wearing material becomes an eye-catching highlight and creates a natural and exclusive atmosphere with its unique appearance.

  • Each piece of natural stone is truly individual. Its pattern and texture have been uniquely shaped over millions of years.
  • Natural stone radiates calming permanence and exclusive elegance. A stone kitchen splashback becomes a fascinating art object.
  • This material, steeped in history, will continue to be a robust and durable presence in your kitchen. Enjoy the magic of real rock, year after year.
Black stone with white veils for kitchen back walls and worktops

Stone kitchen splashback properties

The power of the elements is pooled inside your stone splashback. The benefits are as versatile as the material itself:



each natural stone slab is a work of art created over millions of years – no two are alike.

Natural texture

Natural texture

whether Black Cosmic or Elegant grey – the Earth itself has designed the colouring, gradient and structure of each slab.

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistant

thanks to special pre-impregnation, natural stone from Lechner can withstand increased humidity without any problems, even over longer periods.

Natural material

Natural material

each kitchen splashback is made from naturally formed stone. This makes it a lasting highlight with a naturally grounding effect.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

you can clean the surface of natural stone in no time at all.

Light resistant

Light resistant

the colour of natural stone will remain radiantly beautiful indoors even when exposed to strong daylight.


Each stone kitchen splashback features a unique colour gradient, natural inclusions and an elegant structure. Choose from numerous shades such as the mystical Star Galaxy to suit your preferences.

Natural stone decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a ceramic worktop or splashback. Playfully find the right ceramic decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a natural stone kitchen splashback?

The colour and texture of natural stone are determined by the different minerals inside the rock. The spatial distribution of individual minerals, which can vary greatly due to the natural formation process, also determines the visual appearance. Therefore, colour differences and varieties as well as pores, veins, tectonic cracks, visible grain boundaries and inclusions in natural stone are not only natural features, but are expressly desired and make each slab unique.

Are high-gloss designs also available in matt – and vice versa?

We also offer textured and polished versions of certain designs (with a different design number). In our design overview, look out for the terms "polished" or "textured" in the description text. To get a realistic impression of the surface finish of the respective designs, we recommend that you take a look at our 3D views for each option.

How often do I need to maintain or oil natural stone?

Lechner natural stone kitchen splashbacks are factory finished with a high-quality waterproof coating. To maintain the optimal protective effect, especially in the cooking area where hot steam is present, you should treat the surfaces regularly with "Lithofin Fleckstop W". This water-based product makes the surface easier to care for and protects against stains. We recommend an application once or twice per year, depending on the degree of exposure.

Is there a difference between natural stone and granite?

The term "natural stone" covers all naturally occurring types of rock. Granite is of course a natural stone, but it specifically describes a type of coarsely crystalline hard rock. Granite is characterised by its excellent durability and strength thanks to its high quartz content. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in the kitchen area. Granite thus differs from the somewhat softer marble materials as well as slate or sandstone products. Granite designs from the Lechner range include Magnolia Perle, Elegant Grey and New Caledonia.

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Proper maintenance and cleaning of your stone splashback

Real natural stone does more than fulfil your dream of having a stone effect splashback – it perfects it! The colour and texture of your stone slab are the result of a unique combination of minerals with veins, inclusions and tectonic cracks. All this makes natural stone an exclusive piece of world history. Fluctuations are not only normal, but even desired.

The most important tips for daily life with natural stone in the kitchen are:

  • When cleaning, avoid cleaners and polishes containing grease, wax or acid. These can impair the surface appearance of your kitchen splashback.
  • Sauce splashes and other liquids are best removed quickly with a lint-free cotton cloth and a little water. This prevents the formation of stains, especially on light-coloured stone.

Cleaning a stone kitchen splashback: Nothing could be easier!

A few splashes on the splashback are not uncommon in a creative kitchen. With your natural stone wall, this is no problem at all because the surface can be hygienically cleaned in a matter of seconds. For daily cleaning of your natural stone product, we recommend using household cleaners such as

  • water with a drop of washing-up liquid
  • vinegar-based cleaners
  • or mild degreasers

Wipe the stone surface clean with a dishcloth and dry with a lint-free cotton cloth. By re-drying, you will prevent the formation of small limescale spots on the surface, especially in regions with hard water.

If you opt for textured natural stone, some soiling may be a little harder to remove compared to a polished surface. Again, we recommend using one of the cleaners mentioned above. You can then easily remove deposits with a sponge or a soft-bristled brush.

Maintenance of natural stone: A few simple steps are sufficient

Our natural stone slabs will already be waterproofed when you receive them. This protects the material from stains and ensures the surface is easy to clean. You can easily refresh this protection at home by applying "Lithofin Fleckstop W". For an optimal protective effect, it is sufficient to treat the kitchen splashback once or twice a year with this water-based agent.



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