Solid surface

Durable and brilliant white – with a mineral material like acrylic you can design minimalist kitchens that look as if they were cast from a single mould.


Acrylic splashbacks

Stylishly clean and velvety warm at the same time? An acrylic kitchen splashback gives modern kitchens a pleasant ambience thanks to its warm, silky surface. The radiant white blends in perfectly with white kitchen designs or contrasts effectively with black and grey fronts. In addition, acrylic is non-porous and homogeneous. This makes acrylic panels easy to clean and extremely durable.

  • Joined seamlessly, acrylic  worktops look as if they have been cast from a single mould, even in long kitchen units, and thus become a simple but stylish designer highlight.
  • The non-porous material makes it almost impossible for liquids, grease and food residues to adhere to the wall. This helps to keep your kitchen gleaming white!
  • A kitchen splashback made of acrylic is UV resistant, impervious to moisture and has a soft feel.

Acrylic kitchen splashback properties

Acrylic is not only visually stunning, it has a few more advantages to offer:

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

due to their non-porous surface, dirt and stains can be quickly removed from acrylic kitchen panels.

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistant

These robust kitchen splashbacks are also impervious to steam from hot pots and pans.



a special feature of acrylic is its good malleability. Damage can be easily repaired.

Light resistant

Light resistant

the brilliant white finish does not fade over time due to UV rays (only applies to indoor use).

Soft feel

Soft feel

acrylic is characterised by its velvety, elegant surface. A hands-on approach is definitely preferable!

Temperature resistant

Temperature resistant

with a minimum clearance of 5 cm, you can fit acrylic splashbacks behind electric or induction hobs without a problem.


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a worktop or splashback made of solid surface material. Playfully find out whether a white worktop suits your living style.

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What are the special features of an acrylic splashback?

This material feels warm and silky to the touch. It is homogeneous and non-porous, which gives it an ideal surface finish – it does not require additional sealing and is therefore very easy to maintain. The use of high quality components gives the material exceptional stability and strength. Thanks to its thermal malleability, it can be used in a variety of ways and easily reconditioned, even after years of use. Due to these properties, acrylic can also be used to create a seamless look.

What does "seamless design" mean?

Acrylic can be used to create designs that look as if they were "cast from a single mould". This means that there are no indentations at transitions between multi-piece kitchen panels. In other words, the transitions are hardly visible and not noticeable – everything seems to flow and merge together as a single piece. An absolute design bonus, especially for minimalists!

Can I also use an acrylic splashback behind gas hobs?

We do not recommend the use of an acrylic splashback behind a gas hob, as extreme heat can cause changes to the surface finish. If you have a gas hob, for example, a glass, ceramic or Dekton splashback is suitable. With a minimum clearance of five centimetres, however, you can safely install mineral behind electric hotplates and induction or ceramic hobs. 

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Care instructions

Care and cleaning of acrylic splashbacks

Acrylic consists of 75 per cent natural minerals. These are fused with acrylic at high temperatures and under extreme pressure. The result is a robust material that is ideal for worktops and kitchen panels.

To preserve the beauty of acrylic panels in your kitchen over a long period, please observe the following instructions:

  • To clean your splashback, all you need is a damp cloth and possibly a mild cleaning agent. You should refrain from using strongly acidic cleaners to avoid damaging the surface.
  • We recommend removing any greasy liquid splashes and food residues from the splashback as soon as possible. This will help to avoid unattractive shadows.
  • This material is not impact, scratch and cut resistant – however, it can be refurbished if scratched or stressed.

Daily cleaning

Due to their surface texture, acrylic kitchen splashbacks are particularly easy to clean. For daily cleaning, a household cloth and a little water are sufficient. If necessary, you can also use soapy water. Avoid strongly alkaline or abrasive products.

Stubborn deposits and stains

Sinks and decorative surfaces made of acrylic are best cleaned with the specially developed cleaning agent clean + polish by Lechner. You can buy this as a practical care kit from specialist kitchen retailers. The set consists of the cleaning agent (1 tin), a special sponge and two sheets of 600-grit sandpaper.

Application is very simple:

  • Moisten the enclosed sponge with the cleaning agent.
  • Clean the affected area in circular movements and without pressure.
  • Afterwards, wipe the surface down with a damp sponge cloth and then wipe it dry.

Alternatively, household scouring agents can be used.

Important: When cleaning your acrylic splashback, avoid strongly alkaline and acidic agents!

In case of damage, consult a specialist

With a kitchen splashback made of acrylic, you are choosing a robust and durable product. And if, after years of intensive use, damage or scratches do occur? Then don't worry – your splashback can be easily refurbished!