An illuminated LED splashback allows you to reinvent the style of your kitchen to your heart's content.

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Switchy: changeable glass LED splashback frame

Time for a new splashback! Switchy is a modern and innovative LED glass splashback. Lit and designed entirely according to your wishes, this elegant designer element bathes your kitchen in a unique light. It brings new life to your style with easy-to-change motifs and atmospheric colours.

  • Thanks to the interchangeable frame and suction lifter, you can replace the glass motif of your splashback in just a few seconds.
  • The continuously adjustable lighting always ensures the right mood – whether working in the kitchen or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • Choose from a large selection of designs or immortalise your own motif as part of your splashback.
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Switchy glass kitchen panel properties

An interchangeable custom glass splashback, Switchy lights up your kitchen just the way you want it. This modern, eye-catching highlight also offers many other advantages:



whether with optional changing colours or as a dimmable work and ambient light – Switchy provides the perfect lighting for every occasion and mood.

Interchangeable frame

Interchangeable frame

Switch it! At last, you are no longer stuck with one single design for years at a time. Change the motif on your illuminated glass panel in just a few simple steps.

Large selection

Large selection

Switchy can be combined with all our motif designs and custom motifs (except 175 Linio Prestigo).

Temperature resistant

Temperature resistant

heat cannot harm our toughened safety glass, which reliably protects the lighting technology inside. For installation near a gas hob, however, please choose one of our glass back walls instead.

Individual design

Individual design

design the LED panel as a kitchen splashback, with your desired motif and reinvent your style time and again.


It is entirely up to you which motif you light up on your LED splashback. Switchy invites you to get creative – from photographs to exciting graphics or a custom motif, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Natures & Places


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What is Switchy?

Switchy is a patented glass interchangeable frame for kitchen splashbacks with in-built lighting – developed by Lechner. The motifs printed on the glass can be easily replaced in just a few steps. A special highlight is the lighting function, which can be dimmed as desired and functions as a fully-fledged work light or atmospheric ambient lighting.

Can I also use motifs of my choice with Switchy?

Yes, with Switchy all designs can be realised, including your own custom motifs – from a holiday photo to one of millions of adobe.stock photos.

Can I also use solid-colour designs with Switchy?

No, solid-colour designs are not possible with Switchy due to the opaque lacquer layer.

Where is the power connection located?

The power connection is usually located at the bottom right. If necessary, however, the frame can also be rotated so that the power connection is at the top left.

Is a normal power connection sufficient for Switchy?

Yes, a standard household power connection with a DE plug is perfectly adequate for Switchy.

Can cut-outs be made within the Switchy frame?

No, socket cut-outs or machining within the frame are not possible due to the continuous LED panel.

In which colours can Switchy be backlit?

You can choose between two light variants for Switchy:

Switchy LED white: Switch from warm ambient light to cool white task lighting and dim the light intensity to suit your needs.

Switchy LED RGB: Colourfully playful, choose between red, yellow and blue tones as well as all mixed colours such as purple, green and orange etc. in different colour intensities. For an atmospheric evening, you can use the automatic colour change function.

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Care instructions

Proper maintenance and cleaning of Switchy

Switchy not only gives you a visually appealing and extravagant solution – you also benefit from its low maintenance requirements. Ensuring that your kitchen remains beautifully illuminated by your glass kitchen panel is a breeze, because, like all our glass splashbacks, Switchy is extremely easy to clean.

Compared to classic tile splashbacks, this LED splashbacks are far more visually appealing – and not only because of its continuous lighting.  It is also completely free of joints, which further enhances the effect of the colour or motif and removes the need for tedious scrubbing of the individual joints. And because the glass surface is non-porous, dirt cannot take hold and can be wiped off in no time at all.

Cleaning Switchy with high gloss glass

If you choose a high gloss splashback to light up your kitchen, regular cleaning is child's play. We recommend using commercially available glass cleaners. Remove light soiling with soft sponges. For more stubborn splashes, eraser sponges are helpful.

Important! Strongly corrosive agents and substances can attack the surface. Do not use such agents and always clean up any splashes immediately with plenty of water instead.

Cleaning Switchy with frosted glass

On matt finish glass splashbacks, an eraser sponge will remove any soiling. If oils and other greasy substances leave slight shadows on frosted glass, these can be removed with a glass cleaner. For more stubborn shadows, such as those caused by hot grease, we recommend a mild degreaser.

Important! Do not clean or treat frosted glass surfaces with agents containing silicones or acid, as these agents could attack the surface of the material and degrade its appearance.

Positioning Switchy glass kitchen panels

The ideal location for your illuminated kitchen splashback is entirely up to you. Switchy is also suitable as a splash guard in the area of the cooker or sink thanks to the temperature-resistant toughened safety glass (ESG). The glass surface also enables improved hygiene, as fat droplets can be wiped off more easily. Always plan a safety distance of at least five centimetres between the hobs and the glass pane. For gas hobs, we recommend our glass back panels.


See all the functions of Switchy in the video

You can change the glass of Switchy in no time at all. With the dimmable LED panel, you can switch from practical task lighting to pleasant mood lighting. This turns your kitchen splashback into a multifunctional highlight in your kitchen.

Lechner Switchy - LED Glaswechselrahmen