Durable, easy to maintain and incredibly versatile: laminate has become a classic kitchen material par excellence for good reason.


Laminate worktops

Layer by layer a quality product! Every Lechner laminate worktop consists of several layers of paper. These are soaked in a special resin, then pressed and glued to a high-quality wooden carrier board. The top layer is protected by a robust overlay and is coloured or printed. The result is a product that exudes high quality thanks to imaginative or lifelike designs and a realistic surface texture.

  • Natural stone and wood looks, stylish patterns and colours, or matt and glossy finishes – giving you countless design options.
  • A coated worktop protects the chosen design and can be cleaned in no time – and can also withstand knocks and impacts.
  • Laminate kitchen worktops from Lechner are filled with a special waterproof resin in the tap hole and sink area. This prevents swelling and makes your worktop extremely durable, even under heavy use.
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Laminate kitchen worktop properties

Laminate is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops. At Lechner, laminate enjoys a solid reputation for good reason:

Large selection of designs

Large selection of designs

from high-gloss worktops to matt models – spice up your kitchen with our numerous wood, stone and fantasy designs.

Uniform texture

Uniform texture

unlike solid wood and natural stone, laminate offers a uniform texture and colour gradients – for easier planning.

Exclusive feel

Exclusive feel

the worktops in our exclusive C+S collection have a particularly natural surface feel thanks to special embossing.

Shock and impact resistant

Shock and impact resistant

thanks to a high degree of impact and shock resistance, even a falling pot cannot damage our laminate worktops. In other words, they are extremely durable.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

you can remove dirt from the surface in no time with a damp cloth and a small amount of cleaning product.

Easy to rework on site

Easy to rework on site

a laminate worktop can also be adapted on site and is therefore perfect for construction sites with tight dimensional tolerances.


From matt wood effect kitchen worktops to high-gloss models and the visually and haptically inspiring C+S collection, variety is the order of the day. Upgrade your kitchen with a laminate worktop from Lechner and choose from our selected designs.

Wood decors
Stone decors
Metal decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a laminate worktop or back panel. Playfully find the right laminate decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a laminate kitchen worktop?

Laminate worktops are the best-known and most frequently used worktops and are firmly established in modern kitchens due to their excellent property profile and advantageous price/performance ratio. Furthermore, they are characterised by their excellent durability and ease of care.

With these worktops, several cellulose sheets impregnated with resins (e.g. melamine resin) are pressed together and, after curing, glued to a wood-based panel as a carrier board. The decorative laminate surface is dyed or printed and provided with a protective layer called a transparent overlay.

The choice of colours and designs is almost unlimited with this material. Modern printing processes allow imaginative designs or natural reproductions – these achieve a high-quality appearance when combined with individual surface textures. Our range of laminate worktops is diverse, from smooth surfaces to textured and embossed wood and imitation stone, which look highly authentic.

Typical of the Lechner range is a large and exclusive selection of edges that give a laminate worktop its individual touch and enhance the overall kitchen design. We offer three collections: 

  • Matt laminate: wood, stone and fantasy designs
  • High-gloss laminate: high-quality, high-gloss laminate surfaces
  • Colour + Structure laminate: designs with a special surface feel and a select design
What does "C+S" stand for in laminate kitchen worktops?

The abbreviation stands for "Colour + Structure" and describes a collection of particularly high-quality laminates. These products are characterised by interesting surface embossing with unique height and depth effects. Worktops and splashbacks with a C+S design are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, making them a practical and less expensive alternative to natural stone or solid wood. The thicker laminate makes the worktop even more impervious to knocks, bumps and scratches.

What is the difference between laminate and Compact?

In a laminate worktop, the decorative laminate is pressed together with a wood-based carrier board and then covered with a protective layer, the overlay. With the Compact material, an extremely robust melamine resin core is used instead of the wood-based carrier board, which gives the Compact panels their typical, mostly black, core. This core is also completely water resistant and resistant to bending. While with laminate you can choose from a huge selection of designs, with Compact you can choose from selected surfaces, including models with a soft-touch finish.

What makes a Lechner laminate worktop "better" than a standard laminate panel?

Laminate worktops from Lechner meet the highest quality standards. In addition to a selection of particularly high-quality designs, especially in our exclusive C+S collection, we use hard-wearing wood-based carrier materials. In addition, Lechner is a leader in undermount sink installation and even provides a 5-year guarantee for these products! A discreet silicone joint ensures that the worktop and sink are joined together at the same height with a waterproof seal – crumbs can be easily wiped into the sink without getting trapped by any interfering edges.

Another special feature is the waterproof tap hole. But what does that mean? The cut-out in the area of the tap frequently comes into contact with moisture and water – this puts considerable stress on the wood-based carrier material over time. At Lechner, each tap hole is therefore impregnated with resin and sealed to make it waterproof – this also prevents swelling in the tap area in the longer term and makes Lechner laminate worktops particularly durable.

Can the designs from the matt collections also be realised in a high-gloss version – and vice versa?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In the laminate segment, we have selected special designs for our respective matt and high-gloss collections. Matt laminate offers many different variants of wood, stone and fantasy designs. High-gloss laminate, on the other hand, is characterised by a high-quality, high-gloss laminate surface in various designs.

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Care instructions

Proper care and cleaning of laminate worktops

With laminate, you are not only opting for a tried-and-tested material, but also for maximum creativity in terms of kitchen design. Even choosing the collection and the design is quite a task.

At Lechner, you have a choice of three surface finishes: 

  • Matt: Whether fantasy décor, a stone effect worktop or a classic wood look – our matt collection is available in numerous attractive design variations.
  • High gloss: A high-gloss worktop is suitable for modern and exclusive kitchens in which a certain extra sparkle is required. The surface, which resembles polished stone, is given an elegant finish with a brilliant edge that matches the design.
  • Colour + Structure: The C+S collection comprises premium selected colour shades that are almost indistinguishable from their stone or wood counterparts. This special and hardened laminate is even more robust and feels extremely natural. A hands-on approach is definitely preferable!

Valuable tips for everyday use of laminate worktops

  • Always use a suitable base when cutting to protect the surface of your worktop.
  • Place hot pots or pans on a suitable mat. This prevents damage to the surface due to heat.
  • When cleaning, avoid all kinds of sharp-edged, abrasive and pointed objects such as metal scrapers, metal wool and scouring cream. Acids and agents containing chlorine are also not suitable.
  • Remove standing water on the butt joints promptly with a cloth to avoid any swelling of the panel.
  • Do not use furniture polishes or products containing grease or wax to treat your worktop. These can leave unsightly layers.
  • Dry the surface with a microfibre cloth after cleaning. This prevents the formation of limescale stains and prevents streaks.

How to clean a laminate kitchen worktop

Clean your worktop with a soft sponge or dishcloth and a little lukewarm water. This will remove a significant amount of dirt. Dried-on splashes and more stubborn stains can be removed with

  • glass cleaner
  • mild vinegar-based cleaners
  • soapy water
  • or special kitchen cleaners

Trouble with grease, wax and stains?

A mixture of commercially available detergent with water helps to break down particularly stubborn dirt. Leave this to work overnight and wipe clean the next day with lukewarm water and a soft cloth or an equally soft nylon brush. Liquid cleaner mixed with polishing chalk can also remove stubborn dirt, but should never be used on a high gloss worktop.

If grease or wax has spread on the laminate, a little white spirit will help. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water afterwards.

Cleaning instructions for surfaces in solid colours

Solid-colour surfaces tend to be more prone to streaking and contamination. Regardless of the material of your worktop, we therefore recommend being particularly attentive when cleaning and caring for your plain surface and removing any contamination immediately.