Natural stone

The fascinating appeal of natural stone – beautiful and low maintenance, these unique pieces make dream kitchens a reality.


Stone worktops

Each piece is a unique specimen created by our planet! Choosing a natural stone worktop means bringing a material that is many millions of years old into your kitchen. Treat yourself to the earthly power of real stone and enjoy its supreme ease of care. Each slab enchants with a unique look, functionality and durability – for a natural living experience in a class of its own.

  • Natural stone is a unique material, created over millions of years with its own colour and structure. No two slabs are alike.
  • Stone worktops are extremely durable and therefore the perfect kitchen companion.
  • The surface of your natural stone kitchen worktop is waterproofed at the Lechner factory to ensure that it does not absorb moisture and is easy to wipe clean.

Properties at a glance

Stone worktops not only impress with their special appearance and ease of care. A few more benefits await you:



each worktop was formed over millions of years and brings a unique beauty to your kitchen.

Natural texture

Natural texture

your natural stone countertop reveals its very own colour and structure – shaped by the forces of nature.

Cut and scratch resistant

Cut and scratch resistant

natural stone is impervious to scratches and cuts thanks to its hardness. Nevertheless, we recommend using a base when cutting.

Shock and impact resistant

Shock and impact resistant

a falling glass or an accidental knock with the bottom of the pan? Don't worry! Your robust natural stone worktop can easily withstand it.

Water resistant

Water resistant

your benefits with Lechner: Upon delivery all slabs are already pre-treated with high-quality deep waterproofing.



With ordinary use and regular care, your worktop will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Natural stone worktop designs

Each worktop is unique in terms of its structure and colour. Fluctuations are completely normal due to the material's natural origins. Whether deep dark Nero Assoluto or glittering Star Galaxy – our numerous designs offer the right choice for every taste!

Natural stone decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a ceramic worktop or splashback. Playfully find the right ceramic decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a kitchen worktop made of natural stone?

The colour and texture of natural stone are determined by the different minerals inside the rock. The spatial distribution of individual minerals, which can vary greatly due to the natural formation process, also determines the visual appearance. Therefore, colour differences, colour varieties as well as pores, veins, tectonic cracks, visible grain boundaries and inclusions in stone are not only natural features, but are expressly desired and make each slab unique.

Are high-gloss designs also available in matt – and vice versa?

We also offer textured and polished versions of certain designs (with a different design number). In our design overview, look out for the terms "polished" or "textured" in the description text. To get a realistic impression of the surface finish of the respective designs, we recommend that you take a look at our 3D views for each option.

How often do I need to maintain or oil natural stone?

Lechner natural stone worktops are factory finished with a high-quality waterproof coating. To maintain optimum protection, treat the surfaces regularly with "Lithofin Fleckstop W". This water-based product makes the surface easier to care for and protects against stains. We recommend an application once or twice per year.

Is there a difference between stone and granite?

The terms “stone” and "natural stone" covers all naturally occurring types of rock. Granite is of course a natural stone, but in detail it describes a coarsely crystalline hard rock. Granite is characterised by its excellent durability and strength thanks to its high quartz content. All stone materials in the Lechner range are selected with great care and are particularly well suited for use in the kitchen as worktops. Granite thus differs from the somewhat softer marble materials as well as slate or sandstone products. Granite designs from the Lechner range include Magnolia Perle, Elegant Grey or New Caledonia.

Is there anything to consider with natural stone patterns?

The colour and pattern of your kitchen worktop may differ from those on the samples and pictures. These deviations are due to the natural differences in the source material and make your worktop truly unique.

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Natural stone maintenance and cleaning

Each worktop is unique in terms of its structure and colour. Fluctuations are completely normal due to the material's natural origins. Whether deep dark Nero Assoluto, glittering Star Galaxy or Imperial White, which simply exudes calm and serenity our numerous designs offer the right choice for every taste!

If you decide on a natural stone kitchen worktop, you can choose from a range of unique designs: From cool nuances to warm tones, the power of nature is revealed in the unique texture of each slab. And although natural stone is an extremely durable material, regular maintenance is very important.

The following tips will help you to keep your stone worktop looking particularly beautiful:

  • Use a base when cutting and place hot pots and pans on suitable mats. This will prevent cracks, colour changes and blunt knife blades!
  • Remove standing liquid as quickly as possible with a suitable cloth. This will reduce the risk of stains, especially with lighter-coloured natural stone and coloured liquids.
  • Always wipe away acidic liquids directly with a cloth and sufficient water to protect the surface of the worktop. 
  • Fine-grained residues such as sand, which often stick to fruit and vegetables, for example, are best removed immediately from the work surface to avoid scratches.

Cleaning your natural stone worktop is as easy as pie!

In everyday use, a natural stone is very easy to maintain. The waterproofed surface provides a hygienic, food-safe work area, which can be cleaned in no time at all.

To clean the worktop, rub it down daily with a damp cloth and then dry the surface with a microfibre cloth. Fine deposits may appear on textured surfaces. Remove these with a commercially available degreaser, vinegar-based cleaner or soapy water and a lint-free cotton cloth.

Important: do not use furniture polishes and agents containing grease or wax to clean your natural stone worktop. These can create a dirt-binding layer and thus have a detrimental effect. We also advise against using acidic cleaners, as these can attack the surface.

Maintaining your natural stone countertop

Your worktop will have already been waterproofed upon delivery. This ensures it is well protected against stains. To maintain this protective effect, refresh the waterproofing regularly.

We recommend treating it with "Lithofin Fleckstop W" once or twice a year. This is a water-based impregnating solution. It maintains the anti-stain protection and makes the surface of the natural stone even easier to clean.

Treat scratches or damage correctly

Fine scratches are normal – even on a material as hard as natural stone. However, they will not degrade the positive properties of your worktop. Regular re-oiling will minimise the visual effect of any scratches.



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