Solid surface

Durable and brilliant white – with a mineral material like acrylic you can design minimalist kitchens that look as if they were cast from a single mould.


Acrylic worktops

Hard shell, soft core? Quite the opposite! Lechner acrylic stone worktops impress with their brilliant white, elegant surface and warm, silky feel. This is made possible by our special manufacturing process: These mineral materials are made from acrylic by liquefying it and then adding ground minerals and colour pigments. The result is a non-porous surface that makes waterproofing unnecessary and is easy to clean.

  • The versatile acrylic stone can be shaped into almost any form and allows the sink and worktop as well as long kitchen units with a slab joint to blend together seamlessly, as if cast from a single mould.
  • At Lechner, there are numerous thickness options for your personal dream project.
  • Acrylic is non-porous and homogeneous, so worktops are easy to clean and food-safe.

Acrylic kitchen worktop properties

Acrylic is the ideal choice for the modern kitchen thanks to their premium properties:

Soft feel

Soft feel

acrylic slabs are characterised by a velvety, elegant surface that invites you to touch it.



even after years of use, the material can be reconditioned without any problems – for a permanently beautiful appearance.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

an acrylic worktop has a seamless, non-porous surface that is easy to clean.

Wide range of thickness

Wide range of thickness

modern thin worktop or a thicker design? Choose between 12, 30, 40 or 60 millimetres.



acrylic kitchen worktops from Lechner are impervious to humidity, water and falling pots.

Light resistant

Light resistant

these mineral worktops from Lechner do not yellow and retain their brilliant white elegance, even near windows.


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a worktop or splashback made of solid surface material. Playfully find out whether a white worktop suits your living style.

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What are the special features of an acrylic kitchen worktop?

This material feels warm and silky to the touch. It is homogeneous and non-porous, which gives it an ideal surface finish – it does not require additional sealing and is therefore very easy to maintain. The use of high-quality components gives our acrylic its exceptional stability and strength. Thanks to its thermal malleability, it can be used in a variety of ways and easily reconditioned, even after years of use. Due to these properties, acrylic can also be used to create a seamless look.

What does "seamless design" mean?

Acrylic can be used to create designs that look as if they were "cast from a single mould". This means that there are no indentations at the transitions between the sink and worktop and at butt joints between multi-panel worktops. In other words, the transitions are hardly visible and not noticeable – everything seems to flow and merge together as a single piece. An absolute design bonus, especially for minimalists!

How should I repair cracks or chipping in mineral kitchen worktops?

This material can be restored even after many years of use, thus retaining its premium character. However, reconditioning or repair work should only be carried out by skilled personnel.

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Care instructions

Maintaining and cleaning acrylic worktops

With a modern acrylic stone worktop, you simply cannot go wrong. This elegant and easy-care material will give you pleasure for many years. Even though scratches or superficial changes to your mineral material worktop can be easily sanded down and repaired, you should follow the tips below to keep this high-quality material looking its best for many years to come:

  • Even though a slab of acrylic stone offers some heat resistance, you should always place hot pots and pans on a suitable mat.
  • Also, use a suitable base when cutting, as knives and other sharp-edged objects could damage the surface.
  • In daily use, take care to avoid knocks against the corners and edges of your worktop.
  • We recommend removing cooking oil, grease, coffee or red wine from the worktop immediately to prevent discolouration.

Daily cleaning of acrylic worktops

This material consists of at least two thirds natural minerals and one third acrylic resins. It is a non-porous material that does not absorb liquids. Therefore, acrylic kitchen panels do not require sealing.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to wipe up dirt, liquids and food residues quickly with a damp cloth to avoid greasy residues or discolouration. Mild household cleaners such as washing-up liquid or scouring agents can be used for this purpose without any problems.

Important: however, strongly acidic cleaning agents should not be used!

Remove dirt with clean + polish by Lechner

Our recommendation: sinks and worktops made of acrylic stone can be cleaned quickly and easily with the specially developed cleaning agent clean + polish by Lechner. A care kit is available from kitchen retailers and includes:

  • 1 tin of clean + polish by Lechner
  • 1 sponge
  • 2 sheets of 600-grit sandpaper

With the cleaning agent and the enclosed special sponge, the worktop surface can be freed from dirt, oils and grease without excessive pressure and effort. This will prevent stubborn stains from accumulating on the worktop and allow you to remove small scratches quickly and easily.

What to do in case of damage?

A Lechner acrylic stone worktop is a high-quality and durable product. If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, you will enjoy your worktop for many years. However, should damage occur in the course of time, you can have the worktop professionally repaired. This material can be easily refilled, reprocessed and reground, allowing you to preserve the beauty of your solid acrylic worktop for the long term.