Solid wood

Durable and sustainable: solid wood becomes a unique work of art full of warmth in your kitchen.


Wooden worktops

Naturally beautiful, natural wood! A solid wood worktop gives your kitchen an extra dose of cosiness. Each model is unique and has developed its unique grain structure over many years. Furthermore, our worktops, which come from sustainable and certified forestry, ensure a velvety-soft feel and a positive room climate.

  • Choose from a wide range of designs, from homely and rustic to exotically elegant – and use this material as part of a modern furnishing style.
  • A natural product with an unmistakable structure – simply exclusive!
  • Our solid wood worktops feel pleasantly warm and soft to the touch.
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Properties at a glance

Are you considering a wooden worktop and would like to know more about this material? These are its most beautiful sides:

Impact and shock resistant

Impact and shock resistant

A solid wood worktop can withstand a lot of punishment. Even in busy kitchens, the material remains attractive.



Each solid wood worktop is a unique piece of nature. Grown over many years and never the same.

Natural texture

Natural texture

Every type of wood is a changeable work of art. Solid wood is a living material that can subsequently darken or lighten.

Sustainable raw material

Sustainable raw material

The sustainability of the wood we use is confirmed by FSC and PEFC certification.

Pleasant indoor climate

Pleasant indoor climate

Our wood worktops are antistatic and have a balancing effect on room temperature and humidity.



A solid wood worktop can withstand a lot of punishment. Even in busy kitchens, the material remains attractive.


The variety of available wood types starts with an elegantly exotic bamboo worktop and also includes classic woods such as oak, walnut and beech. This gives you great design freedom to match modern or traditional kitchen designs.

Solid wood designs


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a solid wood worktop. Playfully find the right wood decor for your natural living style.

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What are the special features of a solid wood kitchen worktop?

This naturally vibrant material feels nice, radiates warmth and ensures a pleasant indoor climate. A big advantage is that wood is relatively easy to repair, refurbish or rework compared to other materials. 

At the same time, it is important to remember that wood is a living material. This means that it changes due to environmental factors and use. For example, the appearance of small cracks or darkening or lightening under sunlight is normal. Variations in colour and structure within a wood species are also inherent to this raw material and create the product's individual and natural character. These individual characteristics are due to factors such as growth, the tree’s age, regional conditions and locations as well as the tree’s associated nutrient supply. 

What should I bear in mind when using my solid wood kitchen worktop?

Solid wood is antibacterial, has an antistatic effect and therefore does not attract dust. In addition, solid wood is a hygroscopic material that adapts to the room climate and can thus absorb and release moisture. Therefore, ensure a balanced room climate and a relative humidity of 50 ± 5%. If the humidity is too high or too low, the worktop may suffer from warping and/or dimensional changes. 

Standing moisture and prolonged exposure to water (such as damp sponge, plates, cups, damp metal objects, etc.) must be avoided and moisture should be removed immediately, especially on butt joints. The appearance of water stains means that immediate re-oiling is necessary. 

Besides moisture, heat can also affect this living natural product. Household appliances that constantly give off heat downwards (such as a coffee machine in continuous use) should be placed on a heat-reflecting base. Please take this into account, as otherwise discolouration, selective drying and cracking (minor cracking in solid wood is natural) may occur. Before placing hot cooking equipment on any worktop, we recommend always using a suitable mat or underlay. 

Exercise caution when placing metal cans on the worktop in the presence of moisture. Depending on the type of wood, oxidation may occur, leading to discolouration of the wood. 

You should also use a suitable board when cutting, as this will prevent scratches. 

Furniture polishes and cleansers containing grease and wax tend to get trapped inside the textured surface and create a dirt-binding layer. They must therefore not be used. Also, do not use chlorinated and aggressive cleaners or cleaning agents containing strong acids or salts. 

UV rays can also alter the colour of wood. If the solid wood is covered by an object for a long time, the surface underneath remains lighter, while the surface exposed to sunlight darkens more quickly.  

Is the solid wood oiled or stained at the factory?

Our solid wood worktops are treated three times by hand in the Lechner factory with a biological maintenance oil that was specially developed for use in the kitchen, and are then given a silk matt surface finish. 

Where does the processed solid wood come from?

Different types of wood are suitable for use in the kitchen. These range from domestic woods such as birch or oak to exotic woods such as mahogany or bamboo. All wood products used by Lechner come from certified wood suppliers. The FSC® seal of quality promotes sustainable forestry and the domestic timber industry. 

How can I tell if I need to re-oil my solid wood kitchen worktop?

Depending on the degree of use, the worktop must be re-oiled at regular intervals to ensure that the surface retains its silky shine and protective function. 

The water-drop test can be performed to determine whether re-oiling is necessary. To do this, spray some water droplets water onto the worktop. If the water forms beads on the surface, re-oiling is not necessary. However, if the water is absorbed, the worktop needs to be re-oiled. You can order our UV-resistant maintenance oil from specialist Lechner retailers. Detailed instructions for re-oiling the surface of your worktop are included in the care kit.  

Does Lechner source its wood from sustainable forestry?

Yes, our solid woods all come from sustainable forestry. This is confirmed by our FSC and PEFC certifications, which are available for all our woods. In addition, we also ensure a sustainable approach to the environment in our daily handling of all resources.

Is there anything to consider with solid wood patterns?

The colour and pattern of your kitchen worktop may differ from those on the samples and pictures. These deviations are due to the natural differences in the source material and make your worktop truly unique.

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Care instructions

Proper care and cleaning of wood worktops

Solid wood offers you a huge choice of stylish designs: from a solid oak worktop to a beech or walnut worktop.

You can choose whether restrained beech or expressive knotty oak suits you best. Added to this is the possibility of realising both modern and classic furnishing styles with the help of wood. Oak in combination with exposed concrete or glass, for example, is a cutting-edge design trend.

Once you have decided on your favourite material, your worktop should of course exude its natural splendour for many years to come. Below you will find important information about care and cleaning.

Tips for everyday use of your worktop

  • Always place hot pots and pans on a suitable mat.
  • Use suitable chopping boards when cutting to prevent scratches.
  • Remove stagnant liquid quickly to prevent its absorption.
  • Splashes and liquids that are likely to stain are best removed immediately.
  • Do not place damp sponges or other wet objects on the surface.
  • Place heat-radiating kitchen appliances on heat-reflecting surfaces. This protects the wood against drying out and discolouration.
  • Metal cans can oxidise in combination with moisture and leave stains. Therefore, always place metal objects on a mat.
  • Ensure an even air humidity of between 45 and 55 per cent, this protects the natural structure of the wood

By the way: UV radiation can cause wood to darken. If objects are left standing permanently on the surface, it is therefore possible that lighter spots will appear after they have been removed. To prevent this, regularly move the items to different positions.

Cleaning a wooden kitchen worktop: Proceed as follows:

For daily cleaning, it is sufficient to use an ordinary household cloth or a soft sponge with a little lukewarm water. Soapy water helps to remove more stubborn stains.

Under no circumstances should you use the following when cleaning a wooden worktop:

  • Polishes
  • Agents containing with fats or waxes
  • Cleaners containing chlorine
  • Cleaning agents containing strong salts and acids
  • as well as abrasive agents

Stains and scratches on a solid wood worktop: What to do?

If stains or scratches appear on the surface, remove them with sandpaper (P240) or abrasive sponges (P180). After treatment, multiple re-oiling in thin layers is necessary. Water stains require immediate re-oiling.

Maintaining your solid wood worktop

When the wood arrives at your home it has already been pre-treated twice. To keep your worktop looking good for a long time, oil it after installation using the supplied care kit. Later, waterproof the surface with Rubio Monocoat maintenance oil. These first steps will give your wooden worktop greater durability and make everyday maintenance easier.

There is a simple trick to check whether your solid wood worktop needs to be oiled: as soon as the surface of the worktop starts absorbing water droplets, you should re-oil it. If pearly drops form on the surface, this can wait a little longer. You can purchase our maintenance oil from specialist retailers. Note that when handling the maintenance oil, some details are important to ensure safe use. Therefore, please read the enclosed instructions carefully and dispose of used cloths and oily residues as recommended.