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Visit us at one of our locations in Germany, Sweden or Hungary and experience worktops at the highest level. We kindly ask you to make an appointment by phone in advance. To purchase our products, please contact a dealer near you.


Our location in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

D. Lechner GmbH, named after co-founder Doris Lechner, is the mainstay of Lechner Holding AG. The central company headquarters, from which all aspects of Lechner Holding AG are managed, is located in the charming Tauber Valley. The Rothenburg ob der Tauber region is a popular tourist destination and offers a high quality of life for our resident employees, with many opportunities for personal development. The products of D. Lechner GmbH are 100% "Made in Germany" and the company accounts for the largest international share of turnover for Lechner Holding AG.

Foundation of D. Lechner GmbH
of production space
employees at our German location

Here you can find Lechner in Germany

D. Lechner GmbH
Erlbacher Str. 112
91541 Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

Tel: +49 9861 701-0
E-Mail: info@lechner-ag.de

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Lechner world of experience showroom

Our showroom in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is open! We look forward to your visit to our new Lechner world of experience!

Please note the currently valid Corona rules. We can currently only grant access if the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested or recovered) is adhered to.

We kindly ask you to book in advance by telephone

Is the journey a bit too far for you? Then take a look at our virtual showroom!

Visit our virtual showroom

Lechner in Scandinavia

The recently founded Lechner Svenska Holding AB serves the high demand for wood-based materials in the Scandinavian market with a targeted sales team and an impressive production facility. Working hand in hand with our central headquarters in Germany, the subsidiary targets specific customer requirements for a growing export market.

Foundation of Lechner Svenska Holding AB
[Translate to English:] Lechner Svenska Bautafel
of production space
employees at our Swedish location

Here you can find Lechner in Scandinavia

Lechner Svenska Holding AB
Hinnerydsvägen 43 B
28734 Strömsnäsbruk

Tel.: +46 433 525-800
E-Mail: kundservice@lechner.se

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Lechner in Hungary

As a subsidiary of Lechner Holding AG, Lechner Hungary Kft. serves the growing demand for individual worktops in the Eastern European market. Together with Lechner Svenska Holding AB, it represents the pursuit of a seamless export strategy that enables customers all over the world to express their personality through a unique furnishing style.

Foundation of Lechner Hungary Kft.
of production space
employees at our Hungarian location

Here you can find Lechner in Hungary

Lechner Hungary Kft.
2151 Akácos
Fót East Gate Business Park

Tel. +36 27 887 406
E-Mail: lechner@lechner.hu

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