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Worktop - materials

Each product in our kitchen worktops range has its own character. 

There is an extensive selection of worktops. However, no material can completely satisfy the desire to be low-maintenance or scratch resistant and at the same time still fulfil the desires for visual appeal or haptics. Some worktop designs are likely to draw you in and attract you quite spontaneously - because first and foremost it is your personal preference that will make you gravitate towards a certain material.

When deciding on your dream kitchen, consider objective criteria too like the size of your family, your cooking habits and lifestyle as well as your requirements for low maintenance - you are sure to find the appropriate material.

If you can't make up your mind which material really fits your house, you can pick up inspiration and ideas in our picture gallery.


Relatively new as a work surface in the kitchen, ceramics are currently winning the hearts of kitchen buyers. The harmonious colours and, above all, the benefits regarding hygiene, scratch-resistance and cleaning are compelling arguments in favour of this material.

Natural stone

Choosing a worktop made of natural stone means allowing yourself a piece of luxury that appeals to all your senses and thrills you anew each day with its beauty and functionality.

Quartz stone

Natural stone lovers will appreciate worktops made from quartz stone.  Its radiant appearance and feel are reminiscent of real stone but  this artificial stone produced on a quartz basis has a uniform, consistent colour and texture compared to its natural archetypal form.


Worktops made of glass are in vogue when planning a state-of-the-art kitchen and there is no material of a comparable aesthetic quality. These extraordinary worktops also meet the most rigorous of hygiene standards.

Solid wood

Wood, creates a pleasant indoor climate. This natural and durable material is exceptionally easy to care for. Thanks to its anti-static properties it does not attract dust.


The laminate kitchen worktop is a good choice if the focus is on good value for money. The kitchen worktop is low-maintenance and thanks to the wide array of designs, a suitable work surface can be found for every interior style.

Solid surface

The visually very attractive work surfaces of your future kitchen made from solid surface material not only meet the high demands for design and function, the material can be reconditioned and thus retains its high-grade character for many years.


With our Compact product, you benefit from a robust, durable kitchen work surface for your dream kitchen. The water resistance of the material combined with the black core material is a modern and extremely versatile kitchen element.