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Lechner offers an extensive range of designs for your kitchen worktop, from luxurious natural stone to warm solid wood and virtually indestructible Dekton. Create a look that underlines your personal furnishing style. This guide to our materials, their features and benefits will help you make the right choice.

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Which kitchen worktop matches my kitchen?

Aesthetic, easy to clean and robust – these are just some of the key properties of a good worktop. In the following, you will learn which material is suitable depending on your requirements. The key points here are wear and tear, look and feel, care requirements and price range.


1. Wear and tear

Do you like to cook and are you looking for a durable work surface? In this section, we introduce you to materials that convince thanks to their robust materials:

Scratch and impact resistance

In terms of robustness, the ultra-compact high-tech material Dekton scores particularly well. It is probably one of the most durable materials for kitchen countertops and is remarkably impervious to a wide range of influences.

Surprisingly, glass is also a robust material. The special ESG process provides stability. And if, contrary to expectations, a break does occur, the glass breaks into small, blunt pieces that do not cause cuts. In a frosted finish, glass is extremely cut and scratch resistant.

Another robust material is Compact. These solid-core panels can withstand a lot and remain beautiful for years, even in kitchens that are subject to heavy use.


You can tell how hygienic worktops are by how easily they absorb liquids.

In this context, materials such as glass, Dekton and Compact come into question again thanks to their non-porous surface. In terms of hygiene, the classic laminate is also a good choice. With regular cleaning, however, you need not worry about any Lechner material.

Heat resistance

If you want to be able to place hot pots or pans directly on the kitchen worktop, Dekton is recommended as a particularly heat resistant option. Glass, ceramics and quartz stone also tolerate heat very well and are therefore suitable for gas hobs. However, we still advise you to use coasters for extra protection.

Repair and reconditioning

Lechner offers materials for your kitchen worktop that are robust and durable. Nevertheless, damage can occur in a moment of carelessness. In case of major damage, contact your retailer. With regard to mending and reprocessing, we would like to mention three materials:

  • Natural stone: chips can be repaired using special repair kits.
  • Solid wood: panels made of this material can be reground. Stains and light scratches are thus a thing of the past, and the look can also be refreshed as a result.

2. Look and feel

What is your ideal look? How should it feel to the touch? And what do you need for a perfect sense of space? We will go into this in more detail in this section.

Colours and patterns

You can express your personality through the colours and patterns of your kitchen worktops. The Lechner product range complements both modern and classic or creative styles.

Naturally created unique specimens

Pure nature offers you the premium materials of solid wood and natural stone. Each panel is a unique work of art created by nature. Simply exclusive and individual!

Different colours

If you want kitchen worktop colours and designs that are uniform and therefore easy to plan, then look no further than laminate, ceramics, Dekton and quartz stone.

Modern glass worktops are another highlight. With these products you can completely customise the design (e.g. with one of your favourite photos or a motif). Our creative graphics are not only suitable as a splashback, but will also turn your worktop into an eye-catching highlight.

Matching the style of your kitchen with the rest of your home

When looking for a kitchen work surface, ask yourself which material best complements your living style and the character of the room – the following tips will help.

In dark rooms, light designs and glossy surfaces are recommended. Glass, high-gloss laminate and Compact are beautifully accentuated. Lighter variants of natural stone and solid wood skilfully round off dark kitchens, and are the ideal choice if your furnishing style is based on a natural concept.

In large, bright kitchens, matt surfaces are an oasis of calm. Frosted glass in copper, for example, looks extremely exclusive and blends perfectly into the overall aesthetic.

Indoor climate

The indoor climate is also influenced by the kitchen worktop. Solid wood is particularly noteworthy here. This material, which comes from sustainable and certified forestry, has an antistatic effect and can balance out room temperature and air humidity.

3. Maintenance

Since kitchen countertops are subject to frequent wear and tear, it is of course understandable if you prefer an easy-care surface. These materials are in the premier league when it comes to maintenance.

Resistance to stains and acids

With glass and Dekton worktops, regular cleaning is child's play. Both materials score with their impressive resistance to contamination and are easy to clean. A kitchen worktop made of laminate or ceramics is also less susceptible to stains.

Protection against fingerprints

Matt surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. A downside here is their tendency to retain finger mark. Our worktops made of Compact are equipped with a practical anti-fingerprint surface in the matt velvet version and are therefore significantly less sensitive than comparable matt surfaces on the market.

How often does the material need to be maintained (waterproofed or re-oiled)?

Re-oiling and waterproofing is necessary with our natural materials. Both natural stone and solid wood benefit from treatment once or twice a year. All other materials do not require any additional care.

4. The price range

The price range also plays a role when it comes to choosing a new kitchen worktop. Laminate is extremely popular with price-conscious customers such as first-time home furnishers and young families. Although this material is in the lower price segment, it is still a beautiful and practical alternative.

Our more exclusive materials include glass, Dekton, solid wood and natural stone. They are suitable for use in residential properties and convince with their outstanding longevity. In return, they usually accompany their owners for life.

Please note: pricing is the responsibility of the specialist retailers. Therefore, the examples given here are only recommendations and trends.


Advantages and disadvantages of worktop materials at a glance


+ Due to the way it is made, ceramics are waterproof, heat resistant and durable.

+ From white to colourful to dark shades, ceramic worktops are available in many colours.

+ With diverse material thickness, both a solid feel and a discreet slim-line look can be achieved.

- As the production of ceramic worktops is very complex, these exclusive worktops are in the higher price segment.

- A separating edge may become visible with overlengths.


+ Due to its special manufacturing process, Dekton is extremely heat resistant. Even hot pots placed directly on the worktop cannot harm this material.

+ Kitchen worktops made of Dekton are easy to clean and absolutely stain resistant thanks to the non-porous and coated surface.

+ From white to colourful to dark shades, Dekton worktops are available in many colours.

+ Dekton also impresses in everyday life thanks to its water resistance and extreme cut and scratch resistance.

- As the production and processing of Dekton worktops is very complex, these exclusive worktops are in the higher price segment.

- A separating edge may become visible with overlengths.

Natural stone

+ Natural stone worktops create an elegantly natural look.

+ As it is cut and scratch resistant and also impervious to water, natural stone is extremely durable.

+ Natural stone worktops are hygienic and easy to clean.

+ Every natural stone worktop is unique and was formed naturally over millions of years.

- Every piece of natural stone has its own natural colour and structure.

- Depending on the design, natural stone can appear cool.

- To ensure that natural stone retains its waterproof and easy-care properties, it must be waterproofed once or twice per year.

Quartz stone

+ This artificial stone is reminiscent of real stone in terms of its feel, but features more uniform structural gradients and colouring.

+ Kitchen worktops made of quartz stone are very durable and robust, as they are scratch resistant, insensitive to heat and easy to clean.

+ Designs with a glitter effect are possible.

- The look and feel of natural stone cannot be fully imitated.


+ Glass worktops are extremely heat resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

+ Glass surfaces are available in a glossy or frosted finish.

+ Due to the special ESG manufacturing process, the glass is particularly shatter resistant and robust. If, contrary to expectations, a break does occur, the glass does not shatter into splinters but into small pieces that do not cause cuts.

+ In addition to plain designs and colours from Lechner, your own personalised motifs and colours can also be realised.

- On glossy surfaces, cut and scratch marks should be avoided – for heavy-duty worktops, our Satin+ surface is recommended.

Solid wood

+ Solid wood creates a natural and warm look.

+ As a renewable resource, wood is an environmentally friendly material.

+ Wood can be refurbished again and again.

+ With its antibacterial properties, solid wood is well suited for use in the kitchen.

+ Solid wood ensures a positive indoor climate and balances out fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

- Cut and scratch marks should be avoided.

- Prolonged moisture damages the material.

- Solid wood worktops require regular waterproofing.


+ Attractive price-performance ratio.

+ Laminate is extremely hard-wearing due to the pressing of the backing board and design paper.

+ Kitchen worktops made of laminate are particularly easy to clean.

+ Our large selection of designs and colours includes something to suit every interior style.

- Laminate worktops are sensitive to heat.

- If there are large scratches, these worktops cannot be repaired.


+ These solid-core worktops are water resistant, robust and easy to clean, making them a long-lasting companion.

+ Different designs are available, reminiscent of natural stone, wood or in a contemporary style.

+ Visible black or white panel core as a visual highlight.

- The soft-touch surfaces 893 Velvet white and 892 Velvet black require special care as design surfaces. However, thanks to a special coating, these materials are much more scratch resistant than comparable matt products from other manufacturers.

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