Aesthetic, stain resistant and durable. Dekton is an ultra-compact, high-tech material with an extraordinary look.

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Dekton worktops

The superhero in your kitchen! Combining the extreme durability of natural stone with the low maintenance of glass and the elegance of ceramics. An ultra-compact, high-tech surface from Cosentino. Composed of more than 20 natural minerals and manufactured using a unique technological manufacturing process (TSP). The end result is the perfect material for your kitchen!

  • Outstanding robustness is a special feature. It is virtually impervious to high temperatures and fire.
  • Due to a special pressure coating, stains do not adhere to a Dekton worktop. Dirt can also be removed effortlessly.
  • Dekton from Consentino is more abrasion resistant than granite and more scratch resistant than any other surface on the market. The dream of every chef

Worktop properties

A pleasure to use, the exclusive material properties speak for themselves:

Temperature resistant

Temperature resistant

Tolerates high temperatures without being damaged. You can place hot pots and pans directly on it.

Cut and scratch resistant

Cut and scratch resistant

although a knife blade cannot harm the material, we still recommend the use of chopping boards – for the sake of your knives!

Thin worktop design

Thin worktop design

the elegant 20 millimetre-thin board meets the highest design demands for a kitchen worktop.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

easy to clean thanks to their non-porous surface and stain-resistant properties.



Dekton does not absorb moisture and is therefore even suitable for outdoor use. Water does not leave any visible marks.

Acid resistant

Acid resistant

the material contains no resins and has very low porosity. Therefore, it is also resistant to chemicals.


The worktops get their extraordinary look from the elegant designs that are printed onto the material. Discover the great variety at Lechner: for industrially stylish Dekton Keranium to an elegant marble look with the Dekton Entzo design – there is something here to suit every taste.

Dekton decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a worktop or splashback in Dekton. Playfully find the right ceramic decor for your exclusive living style.

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What is Dekton?

A high-tech material developed by Cosentino. It consists largely of natural raw materials, which are fused together via a special manufacturing process and compressed under high pressure. The nature-inspired and elegant designs are then printed on the ceramic-like material. In addition to its use as a worktop or back wall, it is also used in the sanitary sector, as a floor covering and also as cladding on house facades.

What is the difference between Dekton and ceramics?

Both materials are luxury products. Dekton has slightly improved stain and abrasion resistance compared to ceramics. Dekton and ceramics differ mainly in the manufacturing process and the composition of the raw materials. With both materials, the motif is created either by printing or by the individual raw materials. This also results in different surfaces from smooth and silky matt to structured.

Is Dekton the "best" material for worktops?

Due to its extreme cut and scratch resistance, UV resistance as well as its stain-resistant surface, Dekton is also suitable for use in professional kitchens that must withstand a lot of punishment. It is also the only material on which you can safely place hot pots and pans. All of these factors make this high-tech material a real superhero. Whether it is the "best" material for your worktop depends entirely on your personal needs and taste. For example, if you want an absolutely unique piece that has formed over millions of years, natural stone will inspire you. And if you want to be creative and add a custom motif, you simply cannot beat a glass worktop or back wall.

Is there anything to consider with Dekton patterns?

The colour and pattern of your kitchen worktop may differ from those on the samples and pictures. These deviations are due to the natural differences in the source material and make your worktop truly unique.

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Maintenance and cleaning

Dekton from Consentino is a highly refined combination of raw materials that is also used in the production of premium quartz stone worktops. The material is produced via a unique manufacturing process that uses sintered particle technology (TSP). This accelerates the metamorphic processes that occur when natural stone is exposed to high temperatures and extreme pressure over thousands of years.

The result is a tough material that is extremely scratch, impact and abrasion resistant. To maintain the exceptional properties of your worktop for many years, you should observe the following:

  • the worktops are impervious to chemicals such as alkalis or acids. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution when using aggressive acid or alkali-based cleaning agents. These substances should not be left in contact with the surface for long periods.
  • The material has very high scratch resistance. To avoid damaging kitchen utensils, it is nevertheless advisable to use a board when cutting.
  • Avoid impacts to the edges.
  • The material has a silk matt surface. Do not polish the surface and do not use metal sponges or coarse abrasive particles.

Even more abrasion resistant than granite, it is ideal for areas subjected to heavy use. While other materials may wear out over time, these worktops will last for the lifetime of the kitchen if cared for properly.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning of your countertop, a cleaning sponge and water with neutral detergent are sufficient. The stain-resistant surface eliminates the need for tedious scrubbing.

After cleaning, we recommend wiping the surface with a clean, damp microfibre cloth.

Caution: Highly resistant to acids or alkalis. Extremely acidic or alkali-based cleaners should never be left on the surface for prolonged periods!

Removal of stubborn stains

Impervious to almost all common household cleaning agents, stains hardly stand a chance! However, stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a mild scouring agent. Grease, varnish and wax can be easily removed with solvents (e.g. acetone, universal solvent, turpentine).


Dekton worktop in the Performance Test

Worktops and kitchen backsplashes made of Dekton are extremely robust and resistant. See all the properties of the ultra-compact material from Cosentino in the Performance Test.

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