Countertop boards

As a functional and stylish extension of your work surface

Wooden counter boards

Whether for your morning cereal, mid-morning coffee break or as a raised shelf for your smartphone and recipe books – a kitchen worktop with a countertop board offers many creative solutions. Besides being highly practical, our countertop boards are also a unique design element in their own right.

If you prefer to use a countertop board for a quick snack or a cappuccino, it can simply be mounted as an extension to the worktop. Our extra-thick (80mm) countertops appear both solid and weightless at the same time. With a matching bar stool, a counter element can transform your kitchen into a cosy bistro.

697 Walnut parquetry effect
697 Walnut parquetry effect
695 Brushed oak
695 Brushed oak

Stylish and practical highlight

As a complement to plain-coloured worktops, the counter can be designed to add a contrasting colour to the kitchen. The oiled surface of our countertop boards feels warm and silky, while their fine grain creates a natural radiance.


Lechner kitchen counters consist of a 4mm-thick top layer and a lightweight wooden honeycomb construction as the core. The countertop boards are available in our attractive Walnut and Oak solid wood designs. Our wooden countertop solutions can also be assembled quickly and easily – if desired, our professional customer service team can take care of this for you.

Cleaning and care

Like our solid wood worktops, they are manually coated with a maintenance oil that was specially developed for use in the kitchen. To ensure that you can enjoy your natural product for a long time to come, you can find practical tips on care and cleaning in our info section.


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