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On this page we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about Lechner for your convenience. Further material-specific questions and answers can be found on our product pages

If you are unable to find the answer you need among our frequently asked questions, or if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly


Exhibition and information materials

Where is my nearest dealer? / Do you also have dealers abroad?

We work with over 6,000 dealers in Europe. You can see an overview of our dealers in your area here

I would like to see a particular design "in the flesh". Where can I do this?

If you would like to view a particular design locally, you can specify this in our dealer search. Since not every dealer can display all designs on site, consider expanding your search radius to cover a wider range of designs. By the way, you can also get a clear and realistic impression of our designs in our virtual showroom, our configurator and via our 3D designs on every product page

Where can I find an overview of the available designs?

You will find our current collection on our product pages. If the desired design is no longer available on our product range, our specialist dealers will be happy to help you find a suitable design.

Can you send me a brochure?

Yes, brochures can be ordered online. Please use our contact form for this purpose. You are also welcome to download our online brochures at any time.

Design and inspiration

Do you also give design tips?

You can marvel at some perfectly combined materials and colours in our virtual showroom. Please also note our recommendations in the respective decor descriptions.

Which material and design would best suit my floor, wall colour or kitchen furniture?

We offer a configurator that will help you to design your dream kitchen. It lets you change the room layout, the wall colour and the kitchen worktop, as well as the kitchen cabinets to suit your preference. You can then simply have your kitchen design sent to you by email. Also, look out for our recommendations for each individual design on our product pages. You can view them simply by clicking on the desired design. Or you can get advice from a specialist dealer near you. You will find an overview of our dealers here


Where can I get samples of the different materials?

You can obtain samples from your local specialist dealer. You can see an overview of our dealers in your area here

Can I have samples sent directly to my home?

Samples are only available from your specialist dealer. They can arrange for the samples to be sent directly to your home. You can see an overview of our dealers in your area here

What size are the samples?




DIN A4 + DIN A6, thickness < 0.5 mm

Natural stone

300x100x20 mm

Quartz stone

300x100x20 mm + 300x200x12 mm


150x200x6 mm


120x150x8 mm


200x300x6+12 mm


200x300x4+12 mm

Brilliant line

200x300x4 mm

Solid wood

200x200x30 mm

How thick are the samples?




<0.5 mm

Natural stone

20 mm

Quartz stone

12 + 20 mm


6 mm


8 mm


6 + 12 mm


4 + 12 mm

Brilliant line

4 mm

Solid wood

30 mm

What edge shapes do the samples have?


Edge shape


no edge

Natural stone


Quartz stone

12 mm: bevelled; 20 mm: unfinished








bevelled, partially oiled

Brilliant line


Solid wood


What is the delivery time for samples? Are samples always available?

We deliver samples from stock within 3–5days. Special samples have a delivery time of up to 3 weeks.

Is there anything to consider with solid wood and stone patterns?

The colour and pattern of your kitchen worktop may differ from those on the samples and pictures. These deviations are due to the natural differences in the source material and make your worktop truly unique.


Which materials are particularly robust?

Our most durable materials for worktops and back walls include ceramics, Dekton and frosted glass. You can find more information on the robustness of the individual worktop materials on our product pages

How cut resistant are the different materials?

The cut and scratch resistance varies with the surface finish of the individual materials. For worktops made of solid wood, laminate and Compact, it is essential to use a cutting mat or board to avoid damage to the surfaces. Worktops made of glass, ceramics, Dekton, natural stone or quartz stone are extremely cut and scratch resistant. However, to protect your knives and maintain the perfect condition of your Lechner worktop for the long term, we recommend using a suitable cutting surface even with these materials. You can find more information on the properties of the individual worktop materials on our product pages

What goes under the worktop?

A so-called substructure plate is placed under the worktop. This can be selected in varying thickness, depending on the material. 

Are Lechner products sustainable/eco-friendly?

Yes, our products are sustainable. This is confirmed by the PEFC™ and FSC® certification for our wood products.. You can read more about our certifications here

Does the colour tone of the kitchen worktops correspond to standardised colour definitions, such as RAL colours?

An exact assignment to RAL or other standard colour definitions is unfortunately not possible due to the different materials and coatings. All colour designations of the kitchen worktops stand for individual Lechner design names. However, you have the option of ordering glass worktops and rear panels separately in RAL colours, for example. 

Do you offer decor y from manufacturer x? / Who is your manufacturer?

We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any information on this. However, we cordially invite you to visit us or your specialist dealer to have samples presented to you. Our specialist dealers will be happy to help you find a suitable Lechner decor. You can find an overview of our retail partners in your area here

What is the maximum length of a worktop made from one piece?
Material type Standardmaße
Glass 3500 mm x 1280 mm (depending on glass type and design)
Switchy 3000 mm x 700 mm
Natural stone 2800 mm x 1300 mm *Special sizes possible on request
Quartzstone 3150 mm x 1250 mm (depending on design)
Ceramics 3200 mm x 1300 mm (depending on decor and thickness)
Dekton 3100 mm x 1300 mm
Solid wood 4950 mm x 1200 mm (depending on design)
Compact 4150 mm x 1250 mm (depending on design)
Laminate 5450 mm x 1270 mm (depending on decor and thickness)
Brilliant line 2750 mm x 1250 mm

Please note that there are different maximum dimensions for the respective designs and thickness of the materials.

How much does a worktop weigh?

The weight can vary, as it depends on the material and the length and width of the worktop, among other things.


What is your most expensive product? What is your least expensive product?

The price of the product depends, among other things, on the material, the design, the thickness and the different finishes. You can get a price quote from our specialist dealer in your area. You will find an overview of our dealers here. In principle, laminate offers a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. Natural stone, ceramics, glass and Dekton are in the more exclusive segment.

Where can I enquire about prices?

You can get a price quote from a specialist kitchen dealer in your area. You can see an overview of our dealers here

Why can't I get a price quote from you?

We sell our products exclusively through specialist kitchen retailers – because your kitchen worktop is as individual as you are. As a result, we are unable to give you any price information. Under Find a dealer you can display our retail partners in your area. They will be happy to prepare an individual quotation for you.

Open Orders

Who can I contact if I have questions about my order?

As an end customer, you are welcome to contact your dealer where you have placed your order for the kitchen worktops or back panels.

Cleaning and maintenance

Where can I order care products?

You can purchase care products from a specialist kitchen dealer in your area. You can see an overview of our dealers here

How much do the care products cost?

You can get a price quote from a specialist kitchen dealer in your area. You can see an overview of our dealers here

Which cleaning agents are suitable for daily use?

Any soiling or stains should be wiped off immediately to prevent stubborn colour pigments from being deposited on the surface. For daily cleaning, a household cloth or a soft sponge and a little water are generally recommended. If necessary, you can also use commercially available household cleaners, such as glass cleaner and soapy or vinegary water on all our materials. Highly abrasive or strong bleaching agents should not be used for daily cleaning. After each application, all residues of the cleaning product should be removed to prevent streaks from forming. Then wipe the surface dry.

For perfect cleaning and care of your worktop, please follow the material-specific care instructions on our product pages or download our general care instructions free of charge.

Which special cleaning agents should I use for different materials?

Depending on the material, different approaches are required to remove stubborn dirt or refresh the surface protection. Material-specific instructions can be found on our product pages and as an overview in our free care instructions

Processing of defects

Who do I contact in the event of product defects?

If your product is damaged, please contact your specialist dealer

What information does the dealer need to process the complaint?

In the event of damage, please provide a detailed description of the circumstances with photos and your order number. 

Is there a factory service centre near me or at Lechner?

Yes, however each repair case is processed by the corresponding specialist dealer. You can see an overview of our dealers here

What can I do in case of heat damage (e.g. imprint or delamination) to my worktop?

Although the surface of your kitchen worktop is extremely durable, we always recommend placing hot objects such as pots or pans on a suitable mat. If heat damage does occur, the surfaces can be treated differently depending on the respective material properties. For solid wood worktops, you can remove light heat marks with a sanding sponge (P180) or sandpaper (P240). For a solid wood worktop, you should then apply a thin coat of oil to the surface several times. For kitchen worktops made of laminate, natural stone, quartz stone or ceramics, the possibility of a repair depends on the thickness of the imprint. In this case, please consult your specialist dealer. You can see an overview of our dealers in your area here

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