Durable, easy to maintain and incredibly versatile: laminate has become a classic kitchen material par excellence for good reason.


Laminate kitchen splashbacks

Boring tile splashbacks are yesterday's news! In modern kitchen design, laminate has proven itself as an easy-care material that can also be visually impressive. Choose your favourite style from a huge and carefully selected range of designs and fulfil your individual dream with a laminate splashback. Produced in one of Germany's most modern manufacturing facilities, Lechner splashbacks are robust and durable enhancements for your home.

  • Laminate kitchen splashbacks are available in both discreet matt and radiant high-gloss finishes. Our Colour + Structure series also convinces with particularly natural designs and fascinating haptics.
  • Laminate wall panelling saves you valuable time and effort during daily cleaning. It is non-porous and therefore quick and easy to clean.
  • Solid wood splashbacks are not available for various technical reasons. However, laminate can fulfil your dream of a wood effect splashback or an exclusive stone or concrete effect splashback.

Properties at a glance

Besides being practical, a splashback should also reflect your personal furnishing style. With laminate as a tiled splashback alternative, you benefit from:

A large selection of designs

A large selection of designs

with a huge range of wood, stone and fantasy designs, you can personalise kitchen to suit your taste. Also available in matt and high gloss!

Uniform texture

Uniform texture

unlike natural materials, laminate offers a uniform gradient with regard to colour and structure. For reliable planning without random effects.

Exclusive feel

Exclusive feel

our Colour + Structure(C+S) collection incorporates additional tactile luxury. The specially embossed surface scores thanks to a stylishly natural feel.

Light resistant

Light resistant

daylight cannot discolour laminate, even near a window.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Its non-porous surface means that dirt and soiling can be wiped away quickly and easily.



with normal use, a Lechner laminate splashback will retain its attractive appearance for at least 15 years.


Our laminate models impose no limits on your creativity thanks to a wide range of designs and three high-quality series. Monochrome and high-gloss, in a natural matt wood look or an ultra-modern concrete effect splashback – create a kitchen that skilfully stands out from the crowd.

Wood decors
Stone decors
Metal decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a laminate worktop or back panel. Playfully find the right laminate decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a laminate splashback?

Laminate is the best-known and most frequently used material for worktops. Due to its excellent property profile and advantageous price/performance ratio, laminate is making itself at home in European kitchens. Furthermore, it is characterised by excellent durability and ease of care.

With these worktops, several cellulose sheets impregnated with resins (e.g. melamine resin) are pressed together and, after curing, glued to a wood-based panel as a carrier board. The decorative laminate surface is dyed or printed and provided with a protective layer called a transparent overlay.

The choice of colours and designs is almost unlimited with this material. Modern printing processes allow imaginative designs or natural reproductions – these achieve a high-quality appearance when combined with individual surface textures. Our range of laminate worktops is diverse, from smooth surfaces to textured and embossed wood and imitation stone, which look highly authentic. A laminate splashback therefore offers excellent cleaning properties and a wide range of creative design options compared to a tiled splashback.

We offer three collections: 

  • Matt laminate: wood, stone and fantasy designs
  • High-gloss laminate: high-quality, high-gloss laminate surfaces
  • Colour + Structure laminate: designs with a special surface feel and a select look
What does "C+S" stand for in laminate kitchen worktops?

The abbreviation stands for "Colour + Structure" and describes a collection of particularly high-quality laminates. These products are characterised by interesting surface embossing with unique height and depth effects. Worktops and splashbacks with a C+S design are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, making them a practical and less expensive alternative to natural stone. The denser laminate material makes the splashback even more impervious to knocks, bumps and scratches.


What is the difference between laminate and Compact?

In a laminate panel, the decorative laminate material is pressed together with a wood-based carrier board and then covered with a protective layer, the overlay. With the Compact material, an extremely robust melamine resin core is used instead of the wood-based carrier board, which gives the Compact panels their typical, mostly black, core. This core is also completely water resistant and resistant to bending, and is therefore also used in outdoor or sanitary areas. While with laminate you can choose from a huge selection of designs, with Compact you can choose from selected surfaces, including models with a soft-touch finish.

Can the designs from the matt collections also be realised in a high-gloss version – and vice versa?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In the laminate segment, we have selected special designs for our respective matt and high-gloss collections. Matt laminate offers many different variants of wood, stone and fantasy designs. High-gloss laminate, on the other hand, is characterised by a high-quality, high-gloss laminate surface in various designs. You can get an overview of our trade partners in your area here

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Care instructions

Proper care and cleaning of laminate panels

Whether making coffee in the morning or preparing dinner, your laminate splashback is your daily companion. It therefore makes sense to choose a design that you will still enjoy in the future. We offer three different model series that will satisfy even the most discerning kitchen designer:

  • Matt: A matt splashback creates some warm and homely flair. From imaginative designs to wood and stone looks, this collection offers huge variety.
  • High gloss: Create a glamorous appearance for your kitchen with this series. The exclusive surface exudes an ultra-modern look in both solid-colour and multicoloured designs.
  • Colour + Structure: With the C+S collection, you can transform your splashback into an eye-catching natural highlight with a high-quality textured surface. The realistic imitation stone or wood textures are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Luxury you can touch!

The effort required to keep your laminate kitchen splashback looking beautiful is more than manageable. This is another reason why this material is one of the most popular and frequently used materials in kitchen design.

Important information regarding daily use of a laminate wall panelling:

  • Laminate is not heat resistant. Therefore, do not install your splashback behind gas hobs. A small safety distance from the hot plate and other heat sources is recommended as a precaution.
  • When cleaning your splashback, we advise against using sharp-edged and abrasive objects, acids or aggressive agents. Consequently, do not use any tools such as metal sponges, scouring agents, nail polish remover or chlorine-based cleaners.
  • Furniture polishes and products containing greases or waxes tend to form unsightly streaks and layers. Therefore, do not use them to clean your laminate kitchen splashback.
  • A daily wipe down with a lint-free cloth is worthwhile, especially if you live in an area with hard water. This will help to prevent unsightly limescale residues.

Cleaning your splashback is quick and easy

At the end of each day you can clean the surface of your splashback in just a few simple steps. If there is only light soiling, a soft sponge or cloth with some lukewarm water is sufficient. Simply wipe the surface and dry it afterwards.

Stubborn dirt, sauce splashes and other soiling can be loosened with the help of:

  • mild kitchen or vinegar-based cleaners
  • glass cleaners
  • soapy water

You can also use a very soft nylon brush to remove any dirt. Particularly stubborn marks will require equally special measures. Once again, laminate scores thanks to its low maintenance requirements. A mixture of detergent and water or a mixture of liquid cleaner and polishing chalk will do the job. Caution: do not use the second option on high-gloss panels as it may leave dull spots.

If wax splashes or grease droplets have collected on the surface and cannot be removed by conventional means, simply use a little white spirit. Clean the affected area and then rinse with lukewarm water.