Compact worktops are extremely durable and a real treat for the eye, capturing the modern zeitgeist in a number of ways.


Compact laminate worktops

Hard shell, stylish core! Compact enchants design lovers and fans of robust materials alike. The solid core board with melamine-bonded high-pressure laminate not only embodies exclusive quality, but is also a visual highlight. These high-quality laminate worktops in a modern slim-line look are available in selected designs, even with a matt surface – for a kitchen entirely in your style.

  • As a high-quality alternative to laminate, Compact is particularly beneficial in kitchens that are subjected to heavy use.
  • Water? No problem for our Compact worktops, because this material is completely water resistant.
  • Even curious hands will leave no traces on the unique anti-fingerprint surface on selected designs.
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Laminate kitchen worktop benefits

Compact offers numerous advantages. These are the primary benefits:

Thin worktop design

Thin worktop design

looking for a thin kitchen worktop? Compact fulfils this wish elegantly at a slim twelve millimetres.

Uniform texture

Uniform texture

unlike natural stone or solid wood, Compact has almost constant structure and colour gradients. This makes planning your kitchen easier.

Shock and impact resistant

Shock and impact resistant

the firmly pressed core of your worktop, together with the veneer, promises extreme durability.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

one advantage of laminate kitchen worktops is that they are easy to clean and do not attract dirt.

Water resistant

Water resistant

Compact can even be submerged in water without any problems. Which is why this material is so sought after as a worktop.



light does not cause any discolouration indoors, even near windows – for a long-lasting and stylish look.


Choose your black or white worktop, matt or glossy and enjoy the visible black core as a premium visual highlight. Other options such as a natural stone or wood look as well as edges with the same design will make your kitchen a pleasure to use.

Compact unique
Compact motif decors


Configure your dream kitchen now

Configure your dream kitchen with a worktop or back panel in Compact. Playfully find the right Compact decor for your exclusive living style.


What are the special features of a Compact kitchen worktop?

For the core of the Compact kitchen worktops, several cellulose sheets are impregnated with high-quality curable resins and pressed together under high pressure. This solid core board made of melamine resin-bonded high-pressure laminate, with its water-resistant and bend-proof carrier, is both sturdy and durable. 

Compact is therefore perfect for kitchen worktops. The dark core of the worktop deliberately remains visible and brings elegance and high-quality design to your kitchen (Exception: the decors of the Velvet and Evenly series, which have a colour-matched core). Our Compact laminate worktops are available with realistic motif or with a unique surface finish in the Compact unique collection. 

Both series have the aforementioned Compact core and differ only in terms of the surface finish. The worktops feature a high-quality laminate coating in many contemporary designs, while the Compact unique collection comes in either a robust, stainless steel look or a velvety soft and matt surface.

Can I get Compact with edges other than the visible panel core?

The black core is a popular visible quality feature of Compact. The decors of the Velvet and Evenly series have a colour-matched core in the decor colour. All other Compact decors have a black core. Of course, you can also choose the colour-matched decor edge for our motif decors for a uniform look.

A postforming edge in the decor colour is also optionally available for motif decors.

What is FENIX®?

The Velvet decors of the Compact unique collection feature the intelligent surfaces of the renowned and innovative manufacturer ARPA FENIX®.

The velvety matt FENIX® surface convinces with its special anti-fingerprint technology. It is also UV-resistant, more resistant to scratches, abrasion, temperature fluctuations, acidic solvents and chemical household cleaners. The special feature of FENIX® is the thermal repair of superficial micro-scratches.

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Proper maintenance and cleaning of Compact worktops

Adding one of our solid laminate worktops to your kitchen means choosing a solid material that can easily withstand both moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is no coincidence that similar panels have proven themselves in bathrooms with high humidity levels. Thanks to the waterproof worktop core and the coated surface, your Compact worktop remains protected even in the event of a major mishap.

If you prefer a matt worktop, we offer smooth Velvet designs. Compared to alternatives on the market, these offer greater scratch resistance with a more premium design. Fingerprints do not linger on our matt worktops with a soft-touch surface. We recommend special care when handling these models despite their robustness.

To ensure that your Compact worktop will remain attractive and beautiful for years to come, it is worth considering a few important details. Nevertheless, these products ensure easy handling – even in kitchens that are used daily.

Your laminate worktop in everyday use: Important tips

  • Always use a base when cutting.
  • Hot pots and pans should be placed on a mat – do not place them directly on the worktop.
  • Do not use cleaners with aggressive ingredients such as chlorine, strong salts or acids.
  • Waxes and greases in care products are not suitable for your Compact worktop, as they could bind dirt.
  • Do not remove stubborn dirt with pointed or sharp objects and do not use scouring pads.

Cleaning Compact laminate worktops

Dirt accumulates in even the tidiest kitchen. With laminate, however, your workload is greatly reduced thanks to its low cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

For daily cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the surface with a soft sponge cloth and some lukewarm water. The worktop will shine even brighter if you combine the water with a suitable cleaning agent. For example, the following products are suitable:

  • commercially available glass cleaners
  • vinegar-based or citrus cleaners diluted with water
  • non-fat soap
  • mild kitchen cleaners
  • Dirt eraser especially for matt surfaces

Carefully rub your worktop dry after cleaning to prevent limescale stains and unsightly streaks. Remove streaks left over from daily cleaning with warm water and a microfibre cloth.

Removing stains

If the dirt just won't budge, there is no need to worry. Remove stubborn stains and residues with proven household remedies.

  • Soak the dirt overnight in a mixture of water and a little detergent. The next morning, rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Alternatively, treat stains with a mix of ultra-fine polishing chalk and liquid cleaner.
  • White spirit helps to remove grease stains and oil residues. After removal, wipe any residue from the surface with a soft sponge.

These tips are also effective against stains left by tea, coffee and red wine. A soft nylon brush is also suitable for cleaning and helps to loosen the dirt.

Scratches on the FENIX® worktop

The Velvet decors are equipped with the intelligent FENIX® surface. Micro-scratches can be easily removed with a wet cloth and an iron. Take special care and follow the instructions of the manufacturer ARPA FENIX®. The video shows how to do it.

Cleaning instructions for surfaces in solid colours

Solid-colour surfaces tend to be more prone to streaking and contamination. Regardless of the material of your worktop, we therefore recommend being particularly attentive when cleaning and caring for your plain surface and removing any contamination immediately.


Thermal repair of FENIX® surfaces

Superficial micro-scratches on FENIX® surfaces from the Velvet series can be removed very easily.

FENIX General Maintenance