be rooted!®

The natural glass colour from the ColornetworkⓇ

Timelessly rooted design


We are tirelessly hunting for our next hit products. The hardness of concrete and steel not only characterise our expanding cities, but also the idea of perpetually striving for "Further, Higher, Better". At the same time, Mother Nature is showing us that we need to take a break. Oceans are becoming polluted, rainforests are disappearing, global warming is becoming palpable.

So we pause for a moment to reflect on the original and simple. We breathe mindfully and perceive life with all its facets.

A unique design concept has been created under the motto "Design with care". The result is a sustainable colour combination that allows different materials and products to be combined for a future-proof and flexible interior design.

The design

As a soft red-brown shade, "be rooted!®" is reminiscent of the moist soil of the forest. The effect of this slightly darker tone is calming and harmonious, yet flexible and easy to combine. It stands for sustainability and timelessness in a modern world.

A notion that is tailor-made for our high-quality and sustainably produced glass worktops. Feel the velvety soft surface of our Mezzo and Satin+ glass worktops and make your kitchen your personal oasis of mindfulness with "be rooted!®".

In line with the motto "Design with care", "be rooted!®" is the perfect basis for subtle tone-in-tone combinations as well as bold interior designs.

Accessory references

With the solid colour 189 be rooted!®, you can spice up your interior design tastefully and unerringly with the recommended Accessory reference colours. At Lechner, worktops and back walls are optionally available in the Accessory reference RAL colours to suit your individual wishes.

RAL 040 80 10

RAL 160 80 05

RAL 220 50 10

RAL 270 50 15

Glass 149 Brass

Not an official COLORNETWORK® product

Solid wood 512 Ash heartwood

Not an official COLORNETWORK® product

Compact 898 Nova scotia oak

Not an official COLORNETWORK® product

Glass N32 Sonic waves

Not an official COLORNETWORK® product

Combinability – Speed – Peace of mind

A wide range of manufacturers supply floors, wallpaper, kitchen fronts, tables, chairs, accessories and much more. All products and materials are perfectly coordinated. The products offered by our network partners are always the right choice. We thus make interior design quick and easy for everyone – not just architects, planners and ambitious designers!

For example, combine your glass worktop in "be rooted!®" with a back wall in the Accessory reference colours.

The COLORNETWORK® offers unprecedented design options, especially when it comes to merging kitchens and living spaces.

Naturally beautiful

Many trends come and go. The "Sustained Colour No. 1" stands for durable and timelessly beautiful designs.

When selecting this colour, the expert panel placed particular emphasis on the shade's long-term appeal and combinability. In doing so, they ensured that "be rooted!®" reflects both the zeitgeist and the social requirements of the coming years.

Even after many years, the interior design can be easily recombined and thus offers total design freedom.

The Sustainability Statement

The COLORNETWORK® focuses on ensuring the sustainability of products and promoting environmental protection.

Which is why all partners of the COLORNETWORK® are committed to transparency.

The partners of the COLORNETWORK® thus ensure that the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction to production and logistics, is sustainable and ecological. Only companies that meet these strict environmental protection requirements are allowed to join the association.

At Lechner, we are therefore particularly proud to be a member of the COLORNETWORK® and to publish our Sustainability Statement.


The Colornetwork consists of a multi-member expert panel of renowned trend researchers, architects and designers. Every year, these "trend experts" determine a sustainable and trend-setting colour for the coming decade. Shades, materials and surfaces are critically examined in terms of their long-term appeal and combinability.

The focus is not only on shapes and colours, but above all on sustainable responsibility. The partners of the Colornetwork follow this guideline and present their future-focused products in a joint manner.

As the first "Sustained Colour No. 1", "be rooted!®" is more than just a colour. Selected by a panel of experts, this shade guarantees flexible and reliable creative options as well as a future-proof design. More than 20 suppliers from the interior design industry have joined the COLORNETWORK® and supply a perfectly coordinated range of products for the entire spectrum of interior design. Interior design has never been so easy and enjoyable!

Additional products

Color for glass worktops and back walls feel jade!Ⓡ

The Sustained Colour No. 5 is a sustainable and durable jade colour for glass worktops and back walls.

Switchy – the interchangeable LED frame for glass back walls

An illuminated LED splashback allows you to reinvent the style of your kitchen to your heart's content.

Dekton kitchen worktop and back walls

Aesthetic, stain resistant and durable. Dekton is an ultra-compact, high-tech material with an extraordinary look.

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