Measurement and installation service

With competent experts carefree to the new dream kitchen

Your complete, worry-free package

Accurate measurements taken in situ are essential for a perfectly fitted kitchen worktop. However, you will rarely achieve the necessary accuracy with just a metre rule and spirit level. The ordered products must be produced on the basis of exact measurements – especially for premium materials such as glass or natural stone, which are extremely difficult to resize and cannot be reworked on site. At Lechner, we provide worktops and back walls as part of our complete, worry-free package – from order processing to installation.



Your advantages with Lechner customer service

With Lechner customer service you can just sit back and relax, because we provide everything you need from a single source as a complete, worry-free package!

Seamless product expertise

Our worktops and back walls can also be measured and fitted as a mix of materials during a single appointment.

More time

Lechner takes care of scheduling the appointments with your customers and reduces the required time on site for measurement and installation.

More security

Benefit from full warranty coverage and fast claims settlement in the event of an incident, as well as absolute margin security thanks to fixed prices.


Competence you can rely on

The technicians in Lechner's measurement service use cutting-edge digital measuring equipment. The precise data for the ordered worktop or back wall can then be transmitted directly to the factory, allowing the order to be processed as quickly as possible without errors.

The combination of a natural stone worktop with a glass back wall poses a challenge for many service providers. Luckily, you can rely on total product competence with Lechner.

  • All our worktops and back panels can be fitted as a mix of materials
  • High-quality, matching assembly material
  • With an optional electricity and water connection your kitchen will be ready for use as soon as the assembly process is complete

Making time for the essentials

In addition to their main tasks, i.e. consulting and planning, sales staff spend a lot of their time coordinating appointments. They inevitably become the central point of contact between the customer and different parties such as the kitchen manufacturer, the worktop manufacturer and other services; for example, those required for measuring and installation and to create the electricity and water connection. Furthermore, qualified service providers are often booked up far in advance, making it difficult to get an appointment and complete the order quickly.

  • Lechner takes care of arranging appointments with the customer and provides the dealer with status updates at all times. This allows you, the dealer, to remain in control.
  • When you buy a worktop and back wall from Lechner, you only need to make one appointment for measuring and installation. This reduces the attendance time to a minimum.
  • A quick phone call with a big impact – half an hour before arriving, our team calls the end customer, avoiding wasted time and ensuring a high degree of flexibility.
  • In our Lechner dealer portal you can see all measurements, deliveries and installations at any time.


No risk

If you install the worktop yourself, as the dealer you are liable for any measurement and installation errors, any damage to the customer's furnishings and/or damage to the worktop during the installation process. And what if a natural stone worktop needs to be installed on the third floor? So why not simply sit back, relax and let Lechner customer service take the weight – and all the risks.

  • By ensuring that planning errors are virtually impossible, we can guarantee full warranty coverage and fast claims settlement.
  • Lechner also assumes liability for any damage to the customer's property.
  • And you benefit from total margin security – even if the on-site assembly turns out to be more complex than expected, the price always remains fixed.


Our services

Lechner customer service offers you comprehensive and flexible services. Professional measurements using modern equipment are mandatory to ensure a proper fit for the worktop. Our trained and certified staff know precisely what to look out for with the different materials and will find the right solution in every situation. In the process, we offer a range of additional services to apply the finishing touches to your kitchen. And all this at a fixed price – no matter how complex the commission arrangements may be!

  • Delivery
  • Measurement and installation
  • Dismantling and disposal of temporary structures
  • Installation or under-mounting of sinks
  • Installation of hobs, table ventilation systems, hob extractors, built-in sockets, countertop boards and counter consoles
  • Electricity and water connection (except Switzerland)

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