Planning with Lechner

Your advantages with Lechner's square-metre logic

Your benefits at a glance

Lechner has switched from using a linear-metre to a square-metre cost calculation for our 2020 collection. This entails numerous advantages for you! Besides making the calculation incredibly simple, the use of square-metre logic has many other benefits, including reducing the item numbers by 65%!

However, the change in our calculation logic is not the only way we are simplifying the planning process. We are also pursuing numerous initiatives to make the ordering process as relaxed as possible for you, including optimising our price list and rolling out our Lechner standards.


Plan with Lechner – quickly, easily and with certainty!


Calculate the quoted price in seconds and train new staff quickly and efficiently!


Calculations that are simply a breeze: Length x width + processing = done!


The Lechner standards actively help you to ensure smooth order processing.

Your advantages with our square-metre calculation

How much of your valuable time is spent pricing up each worktop? Wouldn't it be much easier if you could calculate the quotation very quickly and have all the relevant information at your fingertips? For the 2020 collection, Lechner has changed the calculation basis from linear metres to square metres for all product groups (except laminate). This also means that the depth categories no longer apply. If the size of the worktop changes due to the measurement, the price change is fair and the customer only pays for the material that is actually needed.

  • The different calculation depths are eliminated, making the planning process more transparent
  • No additional costs due to altered depth categories, thus securing your contribution margin
  • Avoidance of planning errors
  • Calculate the quoted price in seconds and have more time for your customers
  • Allows rapid training of new employees

Slim and compact – the Lechner price list

We have completely revised our price list, made it clearer and reduced the number of pages by a third. You can thus find all the relevant information quickly and easily.

  • Uniform structure for all sections for greater clarity
  • Find all important product and planning information at a glance
  • Clear tables for varying thickness
  • Improved visualisation: zoomed-in images of the designs for increased planning reliability
  • Graphics and visualisations as an aid to understanding
  • Optimised item creation to support decision-making
  • Full link to our PDF price list

Lechner standards – a reliable sales tool

Does this sound familiar? You're in the middle of planning a customer's kitchen while your next customers are already waiting for your attention. Naturally, you don't want to keep them waiting for too long. So you send the exact dimensions of the worktop and the carefully selected design to Lechner to place the order. However, in your haste you've accidentally forgotten to include the edge processing or the position of the tap hole.

In such cases, the missing information is almost always our standard options. With this in mind, we have identified the most frequently requested and optimum specifications, and defined them as the "Lechner standards".

If any information is missing from the order, we will confirm the missing information using the corresponding standard value. This makes planning easier for you and enables us to process the order faster!

  • It also reduces the number of follow-up queries, thus unburdening you and leaving you more time for your end customers
  • Faster order processing enables shorter lead times and ensures more satisfied end customers
  • Easier planning with proactive suggestions on the best edge finish
  • Increased security thanks to reduced uncertainty and minimal planning errors
  • Full oversight via the order confirmation

Still not easy enough?

Planning is even easier with Lechner customer service. We take care of all the necessary steps from measurement to installation – and even arrange the appointments directly with your end customers.

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